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Statistics Assignment

Presentation of Statistics Assignment

Nancy Surace

on 22 November 2011

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Transcript of Statistics Assignment

Statistics Assignment Heptathlon
Data Set Statistical Graphs
(THREE) Statistical Calculations
(THREE) Box and Whisker Plot Venn Diagram Stack Plot Axis Plot Pie Graph Choose question
Identify Variables AVERAGE
Mean or
Median or
Mode 5 Figure Summary Range % IQR Conclusion
Write a conclusion of 300-400 words which
answers the question you are investigating.
In answering your question you will need to
explain your graphs and calculations.
(Do not just describe them.
Your response needs to be justified by your
findings from the graphs and calculations. •Use your graphs and calculations to justify or support
the answer to your question. •What do your graphs
and calculations actually mean?
Interpret each of the results
of your graphs and calculations
and link back to your question. •What predictions can you make about the future based on your findings regarding health/nutrition planning for example government, families, schools etc. ACTIONS What action
would need
to take place
that would
contribute to a
healthier community? How will this action
contribute to a healthier
community? What plan can you
suggest that will
allow the action
to be successfully
implemented into
the community?
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