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Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills

No description

Megan Kitchen

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills

Hard Skills
Soft Skills
of Soft Skills
Specific, teachable abilities that can be
defined and measured.
Our economy use to be an industrial society where
we would work in factories, mills, and farms. These
types of jobs do not require much human interactions.
However today with all the advancement in technology, we are now more of a service economy with a small number of industrial jobs. Coming from the industrial age our economy’s education system was geared towards hands on careers.
Have you ever wondered, why you get so many job interviews but you don’t land the jobs? That’s because more business studies suggest that there is a higher need for “
soft skills
” to succeed in business.
Soft skills or a person’s interpersonal skills involve all areas of personality traits such as communication, friendliness, and work ethic.
According to Candice Olson, the founder of professional boot camp, “Soft skills include attitudes and behaviors that correlate highly with career success. They are what enable people with different skills sets and personality that make
In a recent study with American Express (AXP), over 60 % of managers agree that soft skills are the most important when evaluating an employee’s performance, followed by 32 % citing hard skills and only 7 % social media skills.
Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills
Megan Kitchen
Patricia Jones
Thomas Daly
Traci Marshall

Hard skills have always been the base for hiring someone in business. Traditionally, hard skills were regarded as being the most important element of academic success.
in regards to "Hard Skills"
make up an organization to work effectively together and without friction. They are essential.” (www.foxbusiness.com)
in regards to "Soft Skills"
Any Questions?
The Fullbridge program teaches the soft skills that people will excel in the workplace, such as compatibility with co-workers and being able to work together as a team.
The future of soft skills is essential in the workplace and in the classroom because people are not born with soft skills. They need to be taught.
Hard Skills
Soft Skills
.... finding the right balance
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