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The Great Depression and The Financial Crisis

No description

francisco roman

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Great Depression and The Financial Crisis

The Great Depresion Todays recession Presidents During the Depression Herbert Hoover
1929-1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932-1936 1st term 1932-1936 2nd term Presidents during
Recession George W. Bush Barack Obama 2009- 2001-2009 cause of the recession Credit "New Deal" Bread lines across the u.s. people outside wall stree Effects of the recession home owners strugled to pay morgage
less spending credit dried up
(no more loans) New deal programs Civilian Works Administration - provided works jobs paying at
15 dollars a week for 4million people 1933 Federal Emergency Releif Act-distributed millions of dollars to unemployed workers -1933 Wagne Act - allowed workers to join unions and outlawed union-busting tactics by management - 1935 Did ww2 help the country out of the great depression. The Great Depression Vs Todays Recession Approximately 9,000 banks failed during the Great Depression during the late 20's early 30's. The stock market crashed october 29, 1929 people blamed him for the making things worse He called out for charities (soup Kitchens) Reconstruction Finance Corporation- this
lended money to railroads, Banks, and Insurance Companies
to help them stay in business. yes, when the war broke out against japan in 1941 over ten million americans went into service, and it created a deman for jobs back home. ? People outside bank trying to get money the price of goods go up Housing bubble smoot howley tariff stop gov't spending but raised taxes new new deal
less Gov't spending
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