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Introductory Paragraph

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Justin Chen

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Introductory Paragraph

Under the surface
Introductory Paragraph
Example 1
Imagine having to kill a loved one because there is not enough money to pay to have him treated at the hospital. Not only is this a tragic situation, but one that could be traumatizing for all who have to cope with it.

This is exactly what Junior has to do in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie.
Junior, the main character, lives in hopelessness and deep poverty with his family on an Indian Reservation outside of Spokane, Washington. It is here where the brutal realities of poverty help him to realize that he wants something better for his life, therefore he decides to go to an all white school in a neighboring town. However, he would have never made this decision if something had not happened to fuel his internal fire. When Junior witnesses his father killing the family dog, it has a significant impact on his life because for the first time he understands how poverty forces people to make difficult choices and this is not something he wants in his future.
Example 3
My father divorced us when I was in seventh grade.

At that time, I was going through what my mother called my "difficult stage" because my world revolved around school, friends and boys, and "family" was often put on the back burner.
I was unprepared for the resulting family crisis; my father, the man who nurtured my passion for art, literature and my love of languages, would no longer be a part of my life. At the time, I thought that I could not go on. Now I realize that my father's rejection, while extremely painful, gave me a resiliency and strength of character that I did not previously know I possessed.
What makes a good intro paragraph
A good intro paragraph should have the following things:
-Thesis statement
-support sentences
Why introductory paragraph is important?
Blue=Thesis Statement
This paragraph right here is great introductory paragraph because the hook here makes the reader to imagine something. This technique is one the way to catch ones attention. Also thesis statement is clearly stated, so we the reader know what the whole essay might be about. Also the support sentence is great because the writer had given example from the story. Finally, the clincher sentence is great too because it summaries what was talked earlier in the paragraph.
Example 2
Why is it good?
Hook= Red
Thesis= Blue
This is a great intro paragraph because it tells us what happened in seven to which was the divorced. The writer didn't really tell us much what was reason therefore the reader would want to keep reading it. Also the thesis statement gives us a clear idea what is happening. Finally, it ended very well without spoiling too much.
Is it true that bigger is always better? Could it be that society’s insatiable desire for more is in
many ways giving people less? Once society has accepted the premise that more choice is better, is it
possible to reverse that trend?

For small, local, family-owned businesses, more and bigger has been
anything but better.

In this paragraph you see that it has a strong hook and a clear thesis statement. Since, the writer starts off with a question. This style is good in some cases, however in this case is a great way to catch someone's attention. Finally the thesis states clearly in the introductory paragraph.
Why is it good?
Example 4
Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, could spend one million dollars per day, every day, seven days
a week and would not run out of money until he was 311 years old!
Most would agree that he has
reached a point of financial security. In fact, it would be almost impossible to figure out how one could
spend one million dollars per day.
For most Americans, finding an occupation that is satisfying, earning
enough money to live comfortably, and figuring out a realistic blend between work and leisure are three
essential factors in beginning one’s career.
This is a great paragraph because in the fist sentence because it gave us a surprising fact right away to catch someone's attention. This is also another way to do a hook other than asking a question. Also the paragraph gave us a clear statement about the thesis statement, since we can know what is going to be talk about through out the essay. Also this act as a good clincher, since it summaries the parapgraph
Why is it good?
Example 5
“There cannot be true democracy unless women’s voices are heard” (Hillary Rodham Clinton).
A democracy is a system of government that places the power in the hands of the people. If individuals
in a given society are not granted equal access and representation, then that government cannot claim to
be a true democracy.
The lack of female voices in the Unites States Government creates an imbalance of
power based on gender.
Despite the smaller percentage of women currently involved in high level
government positions, pioneers like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Condoleeza Rice are leading the
way towards gender equality in politics.

This paragraph has a great hook by catching other people's attention. Since, quoting is another way to catch other people's attention. Also it gave some great supporting sentence to support the ideas. The thesis is also clearly stated and we know what is going to be talk about later on. Finally, it gave a strong clincher sentence by giving other examples.
Introductory paragraph is very important because introductory paragraph gives the reader a clear idea about what is going to be talk about throughout the essay. Without the introductory paragraph the reader won't really know what's is going on, since they won't have an idea what is essay is about. Therefore, it is very important to have a introductory paragraph in your essay.
What does it take to write a magnificent paragraph?
The steps of writing a great introductory paragraph is:
1. Write a hook that can catch anybodies attention when the reader reads the first sentence.
2. Write a thesis statement to give readers a good understanding about what going to be talk about throughout the essay.
3. Write a supporting sentence if you need to. For backing up your examples to convince the reader.
4.Finally, write a clincher sentence to summaries what you have talk about for now. This is a important step because this is how you transfer from one paragraph to another.
What makes a effective thesis statement
A effective thesis gives us a clear understanding of what the essay is going to be about within one sentence. This is one of the most important part in the thesis statement because the thesis should be clear for reader, so the reader can think about it and argue about it whether they agree it or not. Also a strong thesis shouldn't just have fact, but also proof.
Thank you
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