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Airfrance-KLM strategic analysis

No description

Benthe de Jong

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Airfrance-KLM strategic analysis

Benthe de Jong
Eline Kemperman
Margaux Koutros
Evi Kweekel
Romy van Schijndel

Micro analysis

The company
Market share
Critical success factor
AirFrance-KLM strategy to success
Micro analysis
Macro analysis
Current strategy
Experience scenario
Co-operation scenario
Current Strategy
Perform 2020
Link to internal and external environment
Link to core competence

"How can the Air France-KLM group optimize its co-orporation to improve their performance?"
Co-operation scenario
Air France-KLM group will continue as group but will only co-orperate together to have advantage of their extensive network

Set up a new financing structure, namely to centralize the financials into the group instead of Air France and KLM seperately
Macro environment
Open Skies agreement
Oligopolistic type of industry
Impact of the forces
Possible substitutes
"Will the current stable economy give the consumer the confidence to spend money on an experience rather than a plain vacation and how can Air France-KLM respond to this trend?"
''The recommendation is to adjust the current strategy 'Perform 2020' by focusing on a financial collaboration and supply the demand for experiences."

Thank you for your attention!
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