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Advocacy in Motion

Strategies for Creating Flow in the Face of Obstacles

Mikisha Hooper

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Advocacy in Motion

Passion Why are we here? Values Advocacy in Motion Strategies for Creating Flow in the Face of Obstacles Philosophy Treat ALL clients with dignity and respect. Define success FOR and WITH each client.
Strive for understanding. Nadia Feltes Mikisha Hooper nfeltes@thehotline.org mhooper@thehotline.org 512.685.6211 512.685.6239 Prioritize Wellness & Self-care Align your approach & language
with your philosphy. Deepen understanding
and seek possibility. Disengage...
with compassionate professionalism. 60 Second Energy Snack Start Your Engines... Exercise Sleep Healthy Food Social Support The
Six Stress Management Purpose this is where our best work happens look closely... Balance Realism & Hope. Look familiar? Make Wellness a Priority. Don't just do something, stand there. Empathy is...
a respectful understanding of
what others are experiencing. Imagine emptying your mind & listening with your whole being.
Try connecting to feelings/emotions before offering advice or assistance. Ask 'How can we move?' Strategic questions
facilitate movement by...
creating options and empowering
clients. Open up options rather than limiting to two.
Create confidence that motion can happen. Summarize key points.
Acknowledge progress.
Encourage plan of action.
Clearly & directly state that you will be ending the session.
Offer a reminder that your agency is always available.

We all want to do
our best work. Even when we're feeling stuck We support our clients
through many complexities. Physical Safety Emotional Financial Legal just to name a few... Despite our best efforts and
years of experience, we still run
into roadblocks and challenges we
haven't faced before. Assumptions Our hope for today is to offer strategies that will: help us sustain our commitment
deepen our ability to be present and create more possibilities for our clients
provide guidelines for disengaging with challenging clients in a compassionate professional manner.
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