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NTE A - Review

No description

Larissa Bach

on 7 February 2018

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Transcript of NTE A - Review

NTE A - Review
Reading comprehension


Language Focus
Study pages 7, 11, 14, 31, 35, 53, 55, 64
Language Focus
Future forms (Future Continuous, (be) going to, Future Perfect) p. 54
You'll be given a draft sheet paper, but the final writing has to be written with a pen.

New Total English (advanced)
You may listen to the track 3 times (read questions, then listen, listen again and complete, listen and check.
Check the vocabulary and language used on Unit 1.
You'll have to write a
(check language on page 83) with the following title:
"I shouldn't have worried"
Part B
Part A
Verb patterns p. 23 (exercise 6 -> part A)
Past review (simple past, past perfect continuous, ... page 37)
how to be emphatic using "what" p. 65
express a condition using "if" p.68
inversion using "not once" p. 57
participle clause p. 43
passive voice (distancing) p. 12/13
In pairs, discuss the meaning of the following words:
let someone down
run out of money
fringe benefits
punch line
know (sth) by heart
Let's practice!
True or false (task 1)
Open answers (task 2)
1- I'm looking forward ________ you next week!
2- Sorry, I _________ a shower when you called.
3- By next year, all of us __________ the English course.
4- What time _____ you ________ the train? Maybe we could take it together.
5- _____ you _______ the grocery I asked you to?
6- A: I saw you yesterday, you __________ on the steps and had your head down.
B: Yeah... I ____________ because Ash and I _____ up.
7- Sorry, but teenagers ___________ in here. (passive voice)
8- If I ________ all of my money, I _______ a new house.
9- You have to wear a swimsuit when you swim. (participle clause): ___________________________________
10- She never offered to wash the dishes for me. (inversion)
11- Bob doesn't understand why I'm so upset. (be emphatic)
to meeting
was taking
will have finished
going to take
Have bought
were sitting
had been crying
aren't allowed
hadn't lost
would buy
When swimming, you have to wear a swimsuit
What Bob doesn't understand is why I'm so upset.
Not once did she offer to wash the dished for me.
In pairs:
Do you sometimes avoid the unknown?
What were you afraid of when you were a kid? When did you overcome those fears?
What was the most daunting challenge you've faced so far?
Do you have any regrets, anything you wish you'd done differently?
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