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ARMS & CUPS Editing and revising

No description

Summer Douglass

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of ARMS & CUPS Editing and revising

What is the difference between Revising and Editing?
Revising is...
Editing AND revising are both important parts of the writing process!

ARMS and CUPS are good ways of remembering the steps in each!

Go back and reread your work after you have made your changes to double check your work!
Always Remember:
checking that the the ideas you want to include are in your work
making sure you are using the words (diction) you want to
checking to see if your work is organized how you would like it to be/ how it should be
Editing is...
Making sure you capitalize the correct words
use the correct nouns and verbs together
double check that you are using the correct punctuation (and change any errors you find!!)
fix spelling errors
What is the difference between Revising and Editing?
fixing smaller pieces (like specific grammar and spelling)
it is neat and presentable
double checking your word usage
Working with larger pieces (like sentences and paragraphs)
Making sure your thoughts make sense in the order that they are in
making sure you include all the required pieces (beginning, middle, end, key details ect.)
Why is revising and editing important?
A way to catch your errors
helps make sure you get the grade you deserve
ensures your work is easy to understand
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