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Deaf Art Presentation

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Jacque Dompier

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Deaf Art Presentation

Deaf Culture In the Arts By Brooklyn Rosenhan and Jacque Dompier Nancy Rourke What is De' Via?

-Deaf View/Image Art
-Created by the Deaf or those somehow connected with the Deaf in some way
-Based off of the artists perception of everyday deaf experiences
What is Deaf Art?

-Expressive art depicting experiences of a persons deafness
-Expresses some aspects of the actual attributes of being Deaf The Difference?

-De' Via can be created by the deaf or the hearing connected with Deaf Culture in some way while Deaf Art is created by the Deaf based on their experiences with their own, personal, deafness (or experiences with the deaf)

-De' Via is usually about experiences with or about the Deaf while Deaf Art is usually about the creator's LIFE as a Deaf person or their interpretation of the world through Deaf eyes Chuck Baird

Died of Cancer February 10, 2012 Age of 64
Born Deaf
Founding artist of De' Via Chuck Baird Morris Broderson

Died January 4, 2001
Born Deaf
De'Via member mainly in oil and watercolor paintings
Aunt, gallery owner, introduced him and his art to De'Via Nancy Rourke

De'Via member who started out as a designer
Born Deaf
Entered De'Via after receiving Puffin Foundation Grant
Living Ann Silver

Born genetically Deaf
A previous designer and art director transformed into a famous Deaf artist
Still living De'Via Vs Deaf Art Morris Broderson Ann Silver
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