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Raspberry Pint Meetups

Some of the projects we have seen at our Raspberry Pint Meetups: http://bit.ly/15y9uVN

Matt Mapleston

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Raspberry Pint Meetups

Learning Python
From Hello World to Controlling electronics in one evening
Python on command line: variables
Create hello-world.py and execute
Example code & starter circuit http://bit.ly/131tjBC
Flash those LEDs
2 rotary switches for topping and size select
1 Order! Button
1 Raspberry Pi
1 Litre Inspiration
Dominos Getter
Two guys reverse engineering the web api of the iPhone dominos app. The result was an automated Raspberry Pi dominos getter.
1) Select topping. 2) select pizza size 3) press button
A really old computer showing how lucky we are to have the Pi! Thanks to Richard Larkin
James Singleton & his reversed engineered Raspberry Pi
Energy Monitor
Raspberry Pint
Quick2wire Combo Kit
Lego RPi Laptop
Minecraft on Raspberry Pi by Gene Meyers
Raspberry Pi Docked
Motorola Phone docking station converted to take a Pi by Dave Honess
Peter Howkins http://bit.ly/14xDEcl
Quick2Wire http://bit.ly/15jQD41
Big Track
Seen here first
Possibly the first Raspi camera seen in the wild back in May 2013
Raspberry Jam meetup for Kids
Intro - Matt

Anyone want to talk/demo/ask?

Small Question - Matt
Lincoln Binns
3D Scanning & Printing
Steve Amor
All the way from Cornwall!
Huge home automation project
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