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Sir Lamorak

The story of his background and his life involving tthe life as a knight.

jessica dimas

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Sir Lamorak

Lamorak was one of three knights most noted for their deeds of prowess. At an early age he received a degree for jousting, at which he excelled. There were several different occasions in which Lamorak fought over thirty knights by himself.

Lamorak Over viewing of life: Some sources say Lamorak was killed by Mordred who crept in behind him and stabbed him in the back, but most stories refer to Lamorak as being killed by Gawaine in retaliation for Lamorak's relationship to Morgause, Gawaine's mother.

Lamorak was the son of King Pellinore and in some legends the brother of Percivale. He was one of the strongest Knights of the Round Table. Lamorak was the lover of Morgause, whose husband King Lot of Orkney had been killed by Lamorak's father, Pellinore.
Sir Lamorak Lamorak's Back ground demonstrating who he was and who was his dad. Lamorak's father Pellinore was one of King Arthur's earliest allies, but he thrusts his family into a bloodfeud when he kills King Lot of Lothian in a battle in which he finds out his father was a knight in killing. He was known as the third greatest Knight of the Round Table, following Sirs Tristram and Lancelot. Lamorak was extremely put out by Tristram's courtesy and was still fuming when he encountered a messenger bearing Morgan le Fay's infidelity-seeking drinking horn to King Arthur's Court. Further combat followed for Lamorak as he encountered Sir Frol of the Out Isles, Sir Belliance le Orgulus, Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain. The Battle Some meetings were more friendly than others. His battle with Meliagrant concerned an argument over Queen Guinevere was more beautiful than Queen Morgause; and revealed a passion which was to be Lamorak’s undoing.
How ever, Lamorak became Morgause’s lover, despite the fact that his father had killed her husband, King Lot of Orkney. Lamorak has a great deal of pride and holds utter faith in his speed. He harries his enemies with his beloved twin swords. He and Sir Gawain are the only two knights in the game with helmets that cover their face only, not their dreadlocks or plumage. Sir Lamorak is the Arthurian Times' version of Jet the Hawk who appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. The Qualities: Sir Lamorak is a knight that fights with its speed.
Not only he' speed but his ability to have two swords during battle His charcteristics is having a character in sonic in which they call him Jet the Hawk.
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