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gene chu

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Veterans Employment Services
The Team Approach - Mission ... Possible!
Our History and Law
Title 38 USC, §4103A & §4104
DVOP established in 1980
LVER established in 1944

VPL 07-10
DVOP Specialists
LVER Staff

Priority of Service
Veterans/Eligible Spouses have priority access/selection to:

Job Referrals
Program Enrollment
Priority of Service

Who is responsible?

Priority of Service
VPL 07-09
TEN 15-10
TEGL 10-09

Introducing the Veteran Service Navigator (VSN)
What are the Roles/Responsibilities?

20% DVOPs
80% Wagner-Peyser

Review right to work documents and post in CalJOBS.
Ensure Veteran enters a resume in CalJOBS.
Complete Needs Based Determination (NBD) for appropriate referral.

Basic Services
UI Benefits
Health Care
Housing needs

Purpose of the VSN
Identify and refer Veterans/Eligible Spouses with barriers that are actively seeking employment.

Provide appropriate referrals

Needs Based Determination (NBD)
Determine if there are basic services needed to assist the Veteran to become job ready.

Determine whether applicants can best benefit from self-service, facilitated group services (including job development and referral for job-ready Veterans), or intensive one-on-one client-centered services.

Veterans Intake Form (VIF)

Roles and Responsibilities
DOL VETS have determined to take steps to:

More clearly distinguish JVSG from other workforce programs by re-emphasizing the statutory intent for DVOP and LVER.

Better justify the JVSG by achieving improved outcomes from this re-emphasis.

DVOP Specialists (38 USC, §4103A)
Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program (DVOP) specialists provide intensive services in the following priority:

(A) Special disabled veterans.
(B) Other disabled veterans.
(C) Other eligible veterans …

Maximum emphasis is placed on assisting economically or educationally disadvantaged veterans.

LVER Staff (38 USC, §4104)
The principal duties of the Local Veterans’ Employment Representatives (LVER) is to provide employer outreach and job development services.

Emphasis is placed on individualized job development for veterans particularly those determined to be job ready after the receipt of intensive services from a DVOP.
Mission: Veteran Obtains Employment
Intensive Services (DVOP)
VPL 07-10 included the following guidance on intensive services:

“In order to qualify as intensive services, DVOP specialists may include any combination of the following services, but at a minimum the first two are required”

Conduct an comprehensive assessment
Develop plan of action (Employment Development Plan)

Objective Assessment
Knowledge, skills, abilities?
Will Veteran benefit from VIP?
Can you identify the barriers?
Is Veteran suitable?
Will Veteran fully commit?

Employability Development Plan (EDP/IDP)
Are the goals employment specific?
Are there steps to achieve the goals?
Are the timelines realistic for completion?
Will Veteran commit to the plan?

Other Services
Weighted Measurement
Value of Intensive Services

For every one Veteran entering employment after receiving intensive services, the program receives 1.25 credit.

1 EE = 1.25
4 EE = 5
Chapter 31
Veterans Outreach
Good Practices
Newly Enrolled Reports
VRAP Follow-up
Site Visits
Community Events

Employer Outreach
Communicate with Employers and Service Providers
Market Veterans
Conduct Outreach Activities
Job and Career Fairs
Unions, Apprenticeship Programs, Businesses
Federal Contractors (FCJL)
Certification and Licensing

Individualized Job Development
Work with Employers
Work with DVOP
Work with WIA

Marketing Plan
Each ARU to develop marketing plan
Labor market analysis specific to area
Outline strategies and marketing objectives
Plan components

Additional Strategies
Employer Incentives

Getting Credit
A Perspective on Refocusing
Tasked to “work smarter rather than harder” by recognizing that:
Improved results will require taking greater advantage of the ways the DVOP and LVER roles complement each other.

Improved results will require a careful balancing of efforts to serve as many Veterans as possible, while also maintaining high quality in the services provided.
Working Together - VSN
VSN (Veteran Service Navigator) will work to ensure Veterans that can reasonably benefit from VIP services with employment as the goal are directed to DVOP.

Ensure that Veterans receive self services and staff assisted services on a priority basis from Wagner-Peyser staff and partners.

Working Together - DVOP
Conducts Comprehensive Objective Assessment.
Development of an Employability Plan using SMART goals.
Follow-up, keep VIP vets engaged in job search.
Work with LVER to develop jobs for job ready Vets.

Working Together - LVER
Work with DVOP to develop jobs for Veterans who have received VIP services
Market Veterans as individuals with highly marketable skills and experience
Outreach to employers
Work with WIA partners as a resource for targeted referral to employers and job openings

Common Measures
Preparing for Success
Referring to the 5 W's...
Resources for Research
Your one-stop contacts
Your Network
The Internet
Chambers of Commerce
Trade Associations/Publications

How Businesses Hire
Supervisor hires someone they know.
Supervisor hires someone a staff member knows.
Human resources recommends someone they have interviewed.
They go to a private or public employment placement agency.
Advertise on the internet or in the newspaper.

Vet Training Series:

Case Management Assignment
Activities and Services
Exiting the WP Application
Events, Tools, and Alerts
Management Quarterly Report (MQR)


Newly Enrolled

Quarterly Narrative

Success Stories

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP)

Vet Training Series:

Employer Case Management
Other Employer Services
Other Resources
VA Work Studies
Senior Employment
Working Together - MGMT
Integral Part of Team
Resource for Guidance and Support

***All Veterans Assessed***
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