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Quanisha Fleming

No description

Quanisha Fleming

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Quanisha Fleming

Cyber bullying is when a young person is being tormented, threatened, harassed, or embarrassed by another young person using the Internet or other technologies, like Iphones.
What is cyber-bullying?
Cyber-Bullying Awareness
Cyber bullying online
1. Nearly 43% of children were bullied online. 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once.
2. Over 80% of teens use androids, smart phones daily, which is the most common medium for cyber bullying.
3. 90% of teens who have witness online bullying say they have ignored it. But 84% have told cyber bullies to stop.
Being cyber bullied can be terrifying
-Girls are two times likely as boys to be victims and perpetrators of online bullying.
-About 58% of teens admit someone has said mean or hurtful things to them online. More than 5 out 10 say it has happened more than once.

Did You Know?
Bullying using Imessaging
Article: Teen Kills Himself Over 'Skype Blackmail': Mom
Daniel Perry, a Scottish teen committed suicide after he was blackmailed online. He thought he was chatting with an American girl but comes to find out that it was someone else and told him to put money into a bank account if he didn't want people to see their chat conversation.
What it says??
In Additions
Nevertheless, Daniel was also bullied on the website ask.fm, where he was told through via messages to "kill yourself mate" and "let a blade meet your throat." Another teen named Hannah Smith who was 14 years old and British, also killed herself after being abused on the site,
Tips To Help Stop Cyber Bullying
"Ignore & Keep It Moving"
Do not respond or retaliate. Bullies do everything in their power to get a reaction out of you don't fall into the trap.
Keep Evidence
If you witness someone or yourself being cyber bullied, save all the evidence of it and the profile of source. pictures, comments, insults, texts, and videos are all helpful
Call for help!!
Talk to a responsible adult that you can trust, and that can help you with the situation. It can be teachers, a parent, older siblings, or a police officer.
Protect Your Accounts
DON'T share your passwords with anyone, or leave your profile unattended on a computer, remember to always log out.
If accounts is logged on your smart phone, keep it with you always
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