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internet prezi

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Adam Scicluna

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of internet prezi

By Tyler Dowling & Adam Scicluna The Internet How it came to be How it is used The people behind the internet The internet began with a single network called the ARPANET. The ARPANET was the first operational package switching network. The network was originally funded by the U.S department of defence for use in its various projects . Today there are millions of people world wide sharing information over the internet. It may be as simple as updating a Facebook profile, to writing a Wikipedia entry. No matter what it is everything put on the internet is stored in a web server somewhere in the world. Packet switching was based on the concepts of three scientists of the Lincoln laboratory (part of the U.S department of defense). Not much is know about the process in which the concept of packet switching came about. It was a series of ideas that were tested and proposed. Packet Switching Packet switching is a digital communication method in which data is converted to convenient sized blocks called packets. From here it can be transferred in a more convenient fashion and the packets can be changed to their original form. What is a web server A web server is basically a computer just like any other except it has a large hard drive and talks in HTTP protocol. There are thousands of web servers all over the world. When ever you want to view a web page your computer "talks" with a server, then the server sends you the correct packages to view the page. Ways that data is transferred There are three main ways that internet is sent and received. These are: satellite, land line and mobile networks . All of these link together is some way or another. Satellite Satellite internet works using radio waves to transmit packets. Your computer requests access to a page, this is then transferred in to packets that are bounces off of a satellite orbiting the earth. This is then sent to the web server that then sends back the requested web page through the same system. Satellite internet is used to connect people to web servers across contents. Mobile internet works in much the same way only using mobile telephone towers. land line Land line internet connections use mainly copper wire or fiber optic cables to send and receive packages. Fiber optic in general has the fastest and most stable transfer of all internet connections. Copper wire transmits packages via electrical currents. Fiber optic cable sends pulses of light along the cable this is on a binary system with a pulse being a 1 and no pulse being a 0. Did you know Did you know that the in the year 2011 the average number of google searches per day was four billion seven hundred and seventeen million ! Did you know? There are more people on Facebook now than there were people on earth 200 years ago! Did you Know? There is 2.4 billion internet users world wide. 44% of these are in Asia! Thank you for watching
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