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Javan Tiger

No description

Bella Gavin

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Javan Tiger

The last Javan Tiger
The Javan tiger can also be know as the Panthera tigris sondaica.
Characteristics Of The Javan Tiger
The Javan Tiger is a very small compared to other animals but larger then a Bali Tiger. Males weighed between 100-140kg (220 and 310) , their body was 200-245cm (79-96 in). Females were much smaller then males , they weighed 75-115kg (165-254in)
The home of the tiger
The Javan Tiger's lived on the island of java , around the 1850's more and more humans started to live on the iland of java so they were forced to move to the mountains and closed off forest's which happened in 1940.
Long lost family
All cats or tigers come from ONE big family called Felidae , but because the javan tiger was unique they really don't have a full-on close relative but the closet relative would be a hybrid. A mix of two different tigers ex.Tigon. So the javan tiger doesn't really have a close relative expect hybrid's.
Javan Tiger
The Javan Tiger was one of the tiger subspecies that inhabited the indonesian island of java until the mid 1970's. It was one of three subspecies on the limited to the island.
Javan Tiger's preyed on rusa deer, banteing , wild boar and sometimes water fowl and reptiles.
They would bend down on all four legs, at the right moment they would leap though the air and attack their prey.
They had long , thin stripes going down their body. Their nose was long and narrow. Their teeth ( carnassials) where very long. Since the Javan Tiger where at the top of the food chain , they moved with grace. The way they walked showed other species that they had power and that they rule that area or area's.
1. The tigers and their prey were poisoned in many places when their habitat was rapidly being reduced, their main food source (Rusa Deer) was rapidly dieing from several diseases.
2. Hunting played a huge part of why the tigers went extinct. When people started to move to java island they need space and food. So killing the tigers was a win-win for the people not the animals.
3. On java island there where three
protected areas where the animals where
able to live freely and not get hunted.
As time went by more and more people
started to live on the island, they needed
food and more space. So the people started to
take down all the protected areas and killed
any livivng animal that they found. The Javan tigers
where one of the last animlas that they killed for money
food and space.The tiger's had no chance of wining because the
people had many guns and other weapons.
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