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No description

Scarlet Isip

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of MERALCO

MERALCO COMPETITOR: Meralco, liwanag ang dala
25-40 years old 31 cities and 80 municipalities including Metro Manila, the entire provinces of Bulacan, Rizal and Cavite; parts of the provinces of Laguna, Quezon, Batangas and Pampanga. GEOGRAPHICS PSYCHOGRAPHICS Decision maker, willing to pay for a quality
service, wants the best for her family. Meralco is considered as the country’s biggest power distributor, a service provider of choice and the most income generating electricity supplier in the country. The manila electric railroad and light company also known as Meralco is now on its 109th year of service and on 2013 Meralco will celebrate its 11 decades of servicing Filipino people. . We conducted a survey about the customer satisfaction in the company SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS
*Country’s Biggest Power Distributor
*Serving Filipino people over 11 decades.*Service Provider of Choice WEAKNESS
*Unwanted charges OPPORTUNITIES*Innovation of technology THREATS
*Uncontrollable numbers of power pilferers
*Increasing numbers of solar panels users To remain as the World-Class company that provides good quality service and best value of energy in the country. MARKETING OBJECTIVE MARKETING STRATEGY To utilize above the line advertising (TV, RADIO, PRINT)
and below the line (EVENTS, INTERNET, OOH,) ADVERTISING OBJECTIVE To strengthen the trust and satisfaction
among our target market. ADVERTISING STRATEGY To show that Meralco is a provider of good quality
service and best value of energy in the country for
over 11 decades. TAGLINE Sa MERALCO, Patuloy ang Liwanag. CREATIVES "Switch" 30s TVC "Liwanag" 30s TVC "Nanay" 30s Advocacy TVC "Tuloy pa rin"
RADIO JINGLE Labing isang dekada na tayo,
tuloy tuloy pa rin sa serbisyo
Liwanag ang hatid sainyo
Meralco tuloy pa rin... (repeat 2x) "Nanay" Radio Ad (Advocacy) PRINT ADS 1st scene: (nanay na nakatanaw sa bintana)
VO nanay: Kamusta ka na anak?
2nd scene: (nanay na nakahiga sa kama)
VO nanay: Ako, ayos lang. eto mahina na, matanda na kasi ang nanay.
3rd scene: (nanay na nakatulugan na bukas ang TV)
VO: pasensya ka na kung lagi kong nakakatulugang bukas ang TV..
4th scene: (nanay palabas ng kwarto, maiiwang bukas ang electric fan)
VO nanay: O kung minsan lagi kong naiiwan na bukas ang electric fan sa kwarto..
5th scene: (nanay lalabas ng cr, di mapapatay ang ilaw)
VO nanay: pati na din ang ilaw sa banyo..
6th scene: (nany nakaupo sa sala)
VO nanay: pagpasensyahan mo na kung nagiging makakalimutin ang nanay, dala na din ng katandaan..
VO: sa bawat taon na paggabay ng bawat ilaw ng tahanan, ating namang suklian ang kanilang kadakilaan. Isang mensahe mula sa Meralco. Patuloy ang liwanag. OOH
Streetlights EVENT
"Liwanag sa dilim" Concert for a cause THANK
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