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English 201 Module 6 Instructor Notes

No description

Crystal Sands

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of English 201 Module 6 Instructor Notes

One of the hardest things about drafting your essay is going to be just getting yourself started. You have completed your outline and drafted your introduction. Use that to help you get going! Here are some other tips:

1. Remember, this is just your rough draft. The key is to just get your ideas down.

2. In this module, you will be getting feedback from peers and Smarthinking. That should take off some of the pressure.

3. Write in small bits if you have to. Your outline will help keep you focused if you need to start and stop and start again.

4. And, try to have some fun! You have researched this topic so much that you are becoming an expert. Your essay is going to be your opportunity to share your work with an audience.
Obstacle 1: The
Mental Obstacle
Obstacle 2: Making Decisions about Feedback
Obstacle 3: The Deadline
This week, you are going to have to
draft your full essay. Pretend the character below is you. You are going to have some obstacles to overcome in order to draft your essay, but with determination and patience, you will be successful!
You will be getting a lot of feedback once you complete your
rough draft. You will have feedback from your peers and a Smarthinking tutor. It can be tough to make decisions about changes to make. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Think first about the "bigger picture" issues to address in your feedback like thesis and support.

2. Think second about things related to editing. You will want to make the bigger changes first.

3. Remember, feedback is your friend. Be open to it! It will help make your writing better.

4. Finally, remember, this is your essay. You will have feedback suggestions, but you get to decide what you use and what you don't use! You will want to be open to feedback, but you shouldn't accept all feedback without careful consideration.
Facing Deadlines
When you reach your goal of having a strong research essay, you will feel proud of yourself as a writer!
English 201 Module 6
Getting Feedback on
Your Draft

Overcoming the Obstacles
to a Well-Written Essay

Some of the obstacles will be in your mind!
Stress, Procrastination, Writer's Block, Oh My!
Using Your Feedback
Deadlines can make writers stress, but you shouldn't stress too much! As long as you follow each step of the process, you will find that your essay will be all ready to go in plenty of time for the upcoming deadline in Module 7.

Just take the process one step at a time: use your outline to draft; complete your draft; get feedback from your peers and your Smarthinking tutor; revise and edit.
It can be tough to decide what to do with all that feedback!
You will also have to keep the Module 7, final draft deadline in mind
Work for Module 6 (help in meeting your goal)
1. Read the assigned pages in our text and from the Excelsior College OWL.
2. Complete your draft.
3. Submit your draft for peer review and to Smarthinking.
4. Complete a peer review for a peer.
5. Reflect on your feedback in your journal.
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