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No description

thames thames

on 12 April 2015

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the most amazing day
the most amazing day was when we went bicycling and my dog climbed up a tree. and also me and my dog sat in a swing together.and my dog learned how to run next to a bicysicle.
my magnificent holiday
you would surley agree this was a magnificent holiday
The most fabulous day
The most fabulous day when i went bicycling to hajogyáriszget (shipfactoryisland) it felt like freedom wizzing through the air. And surley you would agree i felt like a leopard climbing up trees.

The most exititing day
The most exiting day when i took my puppy on MY OWN to the little shop
there was no one in the streets except me and my puppy. all the dogs where barking fiercly at my puppy.and some times there was big dogs close to the fence waiting to bark at my puppy who instantly barked back.

The most wonderfulest day
The most wonderfulest day was when me and my famaly went to a visegradi castel.
other photos from visegrad
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