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Spoiled Napoleon

No description

Meghan Renfroe

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Spoiled Napoleon

spoiled Napoleon By Meghan Renfroe
& Rachel Hinder
2nd Period A A 1. This source is kind of descriptive because it's an opinion type thing implying that Napoleon was the beast mentioned in the apocalypse.
2. It implies someone's ideology and one's behavior. If someone's ideology is that Napoleon is the "monstrous beast" then it is pretty much saying that Napoleon is horrid and has bad behavior.
3. Napoleon was "elite" so this propaganda piece would imply that the actions of the "elite" are bad/monstrous.
4. With this source, you can answer questions on how some of the public viewed Napoleon. The benefits of this source is looking at how propaganda was back then and possibly comparing with modern day things.
5. This source can not help you answer things of like how many people actually agreed with this piece or anything about the author, except for the fact of drawing conclusions like the author of this piece was probably some denomination of Christian if he believe's in the monstrous beast of the Apocalypse.
6. My analysis of this source would fit with someone else's by both agreeing that this person obviously did not like Napoleon. This source supports the argument the author is making. B This source's propaganda is transfer. The author is comparing Napoleon with the 7-headed monster mentioned in Revelation of the Bible. With good math the author made the main number of this piece 666. It presents Napoleon as bad. This photo uses card stacking. I think it imples Napoleon being sneaky and assertive in a devious way. 1. This source is prescriptive and descriptive because it's a cartoon so it's not saying that's what does happen but it could or they think it does.
2. This source is all about Napoleon's behavior because he's spraying the guys in order to make them think like he does and like the things he does. Also, he's holding something but hiding it behind his back.
3. Napoleon was emperor so this could be talking about the actions of people in power and that he had to trick the ordinary people into liking him and agreeing with his beliefs.
4. With this source you can answer questions about Napoleon's ways and if people thought they were good or devious. A benefit of this type of source is seeing someone else's view of Napoleon.
5. With this source you can not tell anything about dialect and it's a political cartoon so it's very one-sided.
6. If I were to compare this analysis with someone else's analysis they'd be similar as far as what is going on but whether they think it's good ro abd could be different. B "The surest way to remain poor is to be honest" Napoleon Bonaparte

This is bandwagon. It reinforces the humans desire to be on the winning side. 1. This source is neither prescriptive or descriptive because it is just a quote.
2. This source is about ideology. Napoleon feels this way, and it is also about behavior, because he is not honest.
3. He refers to the poor people as being honest, and he is actually coming across with a smart point. If the people remain honest they will be poor.
4. With this source you can answer the questions based on Napoleon's honesty, and the French people's honesty. The benefit of a quote source is that you are not overwelmed and you can easily see where the person stands by what they have said.
5. This will not help you answer a lot of questions unfortuently. But what it does answer is of importance.
6. This source would be similar compared to other sources on this topic. Some might disagree and say that Napoleon was honest. But they are wrong, and this source is very accurate. "A throne is only a bench covered with velvet." Napoleon Napoleon is using plain folk. He is trying to relate to the French people. But a throne is more than only a bench covered with velvet. 1. It was prescriptive, because everybody already knew that the throne was more than a bench covered with velvet. But they wanted what Napoleon said to have been true, unfortuently it wasn't.
2. Napoleon is trying to act like he is normal by using plain folk in this way. So this source is on his behavior.
3. Napoleon is trying to show how the elite is not of that much importance.
4. You can answer, yet again, how Napoleon decieved his own people.
5. The limitations of this source are various, but this source is easy to locate. You can also answer the questions relating to Napoleon's intelligence. He is obviously very intelligent in his schemes, so he much also be with battles. "Women are nothing but machines for producing children." This is Name Calling, because Napoleon is telling women that they are nothing. He doesn't know what he is talking about. Ignorance is not attractive, from what I've heard he was not anywhere near average. 1. It is telling you what Napoleon thought did happen, so it is desriptive.
2. It describes Napoleon's ideology on women.
3. It is talking about the actions of the ordinary people, all women in general though were treated like machines.
4. One benefit to this source, is that it is straight forward and gives you a glimpse of who Napoleon was. It can also help you answer questions pertaining to who Napoleon was.
5. You can not give a lot of specific details, as to what happened, or what he is talking about, by using this source.
6. This source supports, all other agruments.
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