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Satirical Visual- Fangirls

No description

Isabelle Ballington

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Satirical Visual- Fangirls

- Boyfriend, As Long As You Love Me, etc. Through certain lyrics, admitting to claims, and a 'fake publicity' relationship, Justin Bieber can be very deceiving with a misleading tone. By directly tweeting,
creating inside jokes, and singing
directly to one special fan at a time,
Justin narrows his audience making the
relationship more 'personal' and realistic. Example: Justin Bieber Using a misleading tone
and persuasive advertising,
pop culture encourages teens to have
unrealistic hopes about relationships with teen idols. How does all of this really affect the actions of fans? Although some don't take the 'unrealistic scenarios' seriously, others do. Not only can taking the obsession too far be dangerous, but will cause high hopes in something very unlikely therefore leaving great disappointment to millions. Fangirls:
Crazed young teens that are encouraged
to have unrealistic expectations
about a popular teen idol. Tweets to fans. ('inside jokes', and
'mentioning' fans) It extends the dedication, commitment, and support of the over-obsessive fans out on a never ending limb that probably leads to Justin's house, causing fans to go to extremes when it comes to anything JB related. Bringing fans on stage to sing to them, give them flowers, and practically kiss them. Articles discussing Justin and Selena's "bad relationship" and Justin admitting he could "Fall for a Fan." These examples promote the growth of false hope by instilling more thoughts of possibility. If you're a crazed fan and you get picked to be the "One Less Lonely Girl" (of all the fans in the arena) the feeling of being special to him is almost a guarantee. Also by narrowing the audience, he makes the 'love' more personal to each individual fan. Many of these fans probably see his tweets on their phone, and reading "Pick u up at 7" and "I love u" could seem realistic and probable. When they see this, the billions of other girls that read the same tweets seem to disappear. These scenarios and situations can mislead fans to believe that Justin and Selena might break up causing him to 'fall in love with a fan' or that there is a possibility that a fan could one day be his 'One Less Lonely Girl'...literally and not just on stage. Tattooing
themselves Hating on the real girlfriend
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