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One Flesh

No description

Ryan Ha

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of One Flesh

The theme of sorrow in the poem is used to show the child's feelings towards his parents lack of love. We feel sorry for the child as he has to witness his parents the way they are.
Some of the quotes to support this theme are:
"These two who are my father and my mother"
"For which their whole lives were a preparation."

Love is the main theme in this poem, how two lovers who once shared great compassion for one another has now grown cold. The child of the two parents is explaining how he's seen their love die over the years and is quite sad to think about this.
Some quotes to show this theme are:
"Whose fire from which I came, has now grown cold?"
"like a thread to hold And not wind in"
Youth is a major theme in this poem as everything appears to have been better when they were younger. Now that they have grown older their love has been lost and they are very distanced from each other.
One Flesh
There are a lot of ideas and themes within 'One Flesh' including:
Some quotes to show the theme of youth are:
"like a child dreaming of childhood"
"time itself's a feather"

"like a child dreaming of childhood"
This quote suggests that the mother in the poem is living back the days when her and her lover were romantic and caring to one another. She only dreams of this now as she knows it can't go back to how it once was.
"And time itself's a feather"
This quote suggests time is very valuable and like a feather very delicate meaning it can be taken away from you at any time.
"like a thread to hold And not wind in."
This quote suggests that the couple are very
close to breaking or snapping as a thread would.
This could suggest they have been this way for a long time and has all been working towards this eventual snapping of the thread.
"Whose fire from which I came, has now grown cold."
This quote tells us that the couple once had great love between themselves as "fire" would imply heat or intensity but "cold" suggest their love is frozen or trapped in a bad place and will never return to the fire that once was.

"These two who are my father and my mother"
This quote is very sad as the child is having to remind us and him/herself that these two are his/her parents as they seem like anything but parents from what is described. We can infer that he/she remembers what their parents were like when there was once love.
"For which their whole lives were a preparation."
This quote is very saddening as it creates the image that the mother and father have spent their entire lives trying to reach this stage in their relationship. This could suggest that having their child helped them get to where they are which implies the child had a negative effect on the couple.
Thanks for watching my Prezi. I hope you enjoyed it very much as it took me a long time to create.
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