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Computer Inventions

I.T Homework project 1

jay barrett

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Computer Inventions

The Complex Number Calculator is completed. George Stibitz designed the machine in 1939. Computing Invention - 1940 Computing Inventions By Jay Barrett Bell Telephone Laborities
demonstrated this new device at an American Mathmatical Society, held at Dartmouth College In Wasington, the National Bureau of Standards invented the SEAC. Computing Invention 1950 SEAC stands for Standards Eastern
Automatic Computor. The SEAC was invented
as a laboratory for testing
components and systems.... ..... for setting computing
standards. Computing Invention
1962 The LINC (The Laboratory Instrumention Computer) was invented by Wesley Clark at Lincoln Laboratories. The new invention offered
the first real laboratory
data processing. Later Wesley Clark renamed the
LINC as the LINC-8. Computing Invetion 1971 The Kenbak-1 was designed
by John V. The Kenbak-1 was the
first personal computer
In American Science
it was advertised for $750. But in 1973, after
selling only 40 models
it was forced to bring
it's short courier to an
end. Computer Invention
1984 Apple released the
Macintosh, the first
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