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Frogs are Cool

The life-cycle of a frog!

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Transcript of Frogs are Cool

The Life-Cycle Of A Frog Eggs The female frog lays her eggs in the water. Afterwards the male frog will come and fertilize the eggs. If you look at the picture you can see that the eggs look like little black dots in jelly. Tadpole The eggs hatch and small fish like creatures called tadpoles emerge. Tadpoles eat algae and to move through the water to find food they use their tails. They breathe by using their gills. Tadpoles with Legs At this stage the tadpoles head becomes
alot flatter and the tail begins to shorten
as the tadpole grows its back legs. The Froglet The froglet is different from the tadpole because it can now eat small insects instead of algae. It loses it's gill as it's lungs develop. During this stage the tail continues to shorten and front legs appear. Frog Now it is a frog becuase it has
fully functional lungs and it's
tail has completely disappeared.
It can now live on land and in water
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