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Chapter 4: Giving Your First Speech

No description

Alyson Walls

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Chapter 4: Giving Your First Speech

Chapter 4: Giving Your First Speech
Preparing Your Speech: Developing the Speech
1) Focus Your Topic
2) Developing Your Topic
Preparing Your Speech: Organizing the Speech
Body (Main Points)
Your Speech: Speaking Extemporaneously

Extemporaneous Speech: A carefully prepared and rehearsed speech that is presented from a brief set of notes.

Delivering Your Speech:
Rehearsing the Speech

Say the words out loud
Don't try to learn it word for word
Ask Family and Friends to Serve as the Audience
Treat your practice as a real speech
Presenting Your Speech
How should you
start your speech?
Presenting Your Speech:
Gestures: Motions of a speaker's hands or arms during a speech
Make sure they appear natural
Don't let your gestures distract listeners (examples: shifting weight, playing with hair, etc).
Eye Contact
Look at your classmates often
Try to speak like you normally would
Don't speak too quickly
Dealing with Nerves
1) What are you Most Nervous About?
2) What are 2-3 things you can do to calm your nerves.
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