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Animal Action weathering

No description

alexa chirgott

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Animal Action weathering

Animal action weathering By: Alexa, Ava, Blair and Serena This is a prairie dogs hole. These are crab holes people will step on them and the holes will collapse. also if they make them to big they will fall apart. The next picture i am going to show you is a hare's ( it looks like a rabbit) hole and it looks very delicate. They are many rocks that look broken around the hole. It looks like they have had to go around all the rocks and fight there way through. This is a mole and someone had caught him. In this video you will see the mole be released. You will see the mole dog through the grass. It is amazing to see because the mole dogs so fast. While I was watching this video I was wondering what the mole would do when a rock got in its way? My answer was it must go under the rock. They video i am going to show you is about a mole. The mole is let out on the ground and digs deep into the ground. I was wondering while I watched this video what does the mole do when a rock gets in his way. I was guessing that the moles would dig under the rocks. this is a mole. When animals burrow in the ground they brake up part of the soil and brake the rock up. Animal burrowing Weathering is the gradual breakdown of rock when they are exposed to the air.

Weathering affects surface rocks the most, but water trickling into the ground can weather rocks 200 m down.

The more extreme the climate, the faster weathering takes place, whether the climate is very cold or very hot.

This is a picture of what some animals holes look like underground. This bunny has buried himself underground Now i am going to show you some pictures of animal burrowing.
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