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Theodore Roosevelt Project

No description

Julianna Huante

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Theodore Roosevelt Project

Biography of Theodore Theodore Roosevelt's childhood wasn't so good. Biography of Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt Project He was often sick & he struggled with Asthma. He came from a wealthy family and he always worked out. He had 3 siblings. Theodore Roosevelt's family always had fun & spent time together. He had 6 children, he would always interact with his children on a daily basis. The kids would have a lot of fun messing with the guards. His mother and wife both passed away on the same day. Events that happened before he was president were Theodore Roosevelt was in the New York state legislature. He was then elected as governor of New York. He fought in Cuba. Then he served on the civil service commission. Events that happened when he was president were _ During his presidency there was a Coal strike in Pennsylvania, The Food & Drug act of 1906, There was a Panic of 1907, The 16th amendment passed, & the Wright brothers flew their first plane. Conservation
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation- The protection of the forest and the natural resources. Some important facts were that President Roosevelt was the first to dive into a submarine. He could not be bullied. A teddy bear was named after him! Theodore Roosevelt was
involved with nature?

He fought the factory to put more trees in the national parks because they kept on cutting trees. Conservation
Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt was involved with national parks by?

Creating 5 national parks

He believed some of the forests should leave some wildlife.

He saved the Grand Cannon from being destroyed. 2 national Parks?

Yosemite national park Theodore Roosevelt use to camp out in the park of California. He viewed it's mountain and go beneath of the trees. Crater lake inspired people for thousands of years. No place else on earth combines a deep pure lake, and thousand feet high and two picturesque islands. The conservation act by TR?

created to finance construction of irrigation projects in the states.
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