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Housing in Wales

No description

Sophie Louisa Williams

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Housing in Wales

Housing in Wales

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Our job was to find two suitable properties for Tom and Mair Bennett in the Cardiff Area.
We had to find two properties to suit their needs and criteria as well as staying in their budget of £325,000.
They need to live in a quiet area.
They would like some money left over for a holiday or do up the house.
Property 1
Our first chosen property is a modern 3 bedroom detached house on Mountbatten Road, Roath, Cardiff.
Property 2
Comparing both properties
Property 1
Our Chosen Property
Out of both properties, the best and most practical house is Property 2. We think as a bungalow, it would definitely be more suitable for the elderly couple and the interior is beautiful. The price of the house is amazing, leaving them with money to decorate the house unlike Property 1. We believe this is the best property for Tom and Mair.
By Sophie, Morgan, Nia, Rhian, Jake, Rhys and Isobel 8P

Tom is retired and he is 68 years old, he used to work as a P.E Teacher at Whitchurch High.
Tom Bennett
He has a 3 year old Golden Labrador called Buddy and he likes to take it for long walks in parks, it is vital that the property is near parks or fields.
He drives a white Audi A3
He enjoys gardening and hunting.
His grandchildren, Maya (4) and Luke (7) come and stay in the holidays.
His two sons, George (22) and Luke (19) have moved to London to pursue careers in art and engineering.
Mair is retired and used to work as a tailor and in a coffee shop. She is 66 years old.
She likes baking and needs a good size kitchen.
Mair Bennett
She wants to live in a safe area so her vases and paintings won't get stolen.
She travels by train when her husband is out, she doesn't drive.
She likes to shop in villages and go to tea shops with her friends, Jessica and Mavis.
She wants a house that she won't have to do much work on and the house needs to have walls without cracks to hang her paintings.
House is located at 362 Cyncoed Road,
Cardiff, CF23 6SA.
Located next to Roath Park, another great place to walk their 3 year old Labrador, Buddy. Also another great place to take their two grandchildren, Maya and Luke for them to play and enjoy themselves.

Also nearby Heath Park where Buddy can be walked and their Grandchildren can play.
Heath High Level and Low Level Train Stations, both 0.1 miles away from the house, perfect for Mair. Also, Ty Glas Train Station is 0.8 miles away.
As you can see from this map here there are many restaurants, gyms, a few schools and shops around the house. Our main reason of choice for this property is its prime location.
Uneven Garden Surface
Limited natural light
Very modern interior
Work may have to be done
Steep, short steps
Quite a lot of steps
Stair lift may need to be purchased
The train stations are so close to this property making it ideal for Mair!
Property 1
0.1 miles away
Heath High Level
The train track runs directly behind the house
Mair only needs to walk up the road to reach the station
Big step up to one of the beds isn't ideal
Our second chosen property is a stylish semi detached 2 bedroom bungalow in Cyncoed, Cardiff.
This property has a light and spacious living room, as well as large dining room and kitchen.
This house is a large, three bedroom property,
with all bedrooms rather well sized with large windows making all bedrooms lighter.


The garden is also very spacious and with a shed and patio.

The old couple we are buying for have a dog
that will need walking often, so this area would
be great for them, as the property is
Located near three different park areas
and Roath Park Lake.

Property 2 is located at The Fairway, Cyncoed, Cardiff, CF23 6RF
What do we need to consider before buying this property?
There are a lot of stairs so this may be a problem if the couple have mobility problems

There is a big stair going into one of the bedrooms.
The property is near some open fields and parks, great for walking Buddy around and for their Grandchildren!
Llanishen Resvoir a lovely place for walks with Buddy or as couple or with grandchildren. They can also visit the lake and discover the wildlife there, a lovely idea for a day out with Luke and Maya.
There is a problem though, the train station are much further away than they are from the other property which could be a problem for Mair.
What do we need to consider before buying this property?
This is a picture of the kitchen, everything is nice and it has enough light but one thing I noticed was the sharp corners, the couple may want to fix this if they have small grandchildren .

Also I noticed the stairs going down to the garden can be very slippery so they may need more money to get a ramp or get rid of the

Narrow utility space and hallway
Garden overlooked
High steps
Limited natural light
Really spacious and the colours of
the walls and furniture are good together, and good for the elderly couple.

The garden is rather big, with a patio and lots of grass, the couple do have grandchildren, so they could let their grandchildren play in a large outdoor space, while they stay inside.

There are two, good sized bedrooms and the property is in a great location near the Reservoir.
Very large bathroom and kitchen, and looks newly done, so repair wont be needed.

This property also has a utility room.
Property 2
Better location
More stylish and modern
Parks and Train stations nearby
Beautiful outside and interior
Nicer interior
Very spacious
Lower price
Quite expensive
Work will need to be done
Less space
Good Points
Bad Points
Good Points
Bad Points
Location not as practical
Train stations are far away
Less bedrooms
Tom and Mair have recently moved from London as living in the city was too busy and noisy.
They want to live in a quiet area, not near any main roads.
They want to live in Cardiff, near Whitchurch and Cyncoed where their family live.
Maya is 4 years old and loves ponies and unicorns. She enjoys going to parks.
Luke is 7 years old and loves dogs and football. He likes to walk Buddy and play football.
George Bennett
James Bennett
George has gone to University of London to study Art, Fashion and Media. He likes the colour blood orange. and creates unique designs.
James Bennett is engineering who works in London and hopes to go to University and study artitechture.
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