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The Bermuda Triangle Uncovered

No description

Nimra Tahir

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The Bermuda Triangle Uncovered

Uncovered Logical Explanations North Atlantic Gyre Imaginative Theories Introduction! 40,000 square mile area of Atlantic Ocean
5000+ people have disappeared without a trace
From Miami, to Bemuda and then to Puerto Rico
500 lives lost in clear weather
Often refered to as the Devil's Triangle
Weather can turn deadly within minutes
Many different theories but no concrete explanation Bad weather
Poor, reckless driving
Navigational malfunction
The Rogue Waves
North Atlantic Gyre
Features of the sea floor
Electronic fog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8KXhT9tsnQ4:30-5:45 Atlantis? Space time warps & vortexes
Atlantis' left over technology
Solar storms
UFOs Flight 19 December 5, 1945: 14 men flying 5 torpedo bombers went missing
Went on 2 hour long routinely training
flight disappeared and were never found
Navy believes that they zigzagged until fuel ran out
Said to be due to failure of navigational equipment
No debris or bodies found Georgia radio received radio transcripts of five unknown aircrafts
Crashed into the swamp in southern Georgia Did You Know? USS Cyclops March 4, 1918: 309 passengers go missing from departure of Barbados
Officials say overloaded conditions, engine trouble, bad weather
Used to supply fuel to American fleet in WWI
Theory: Captain Worley + Gottschalk (Consulate General of Rio) were german and may have sabotaged --no SOS call
No trace, no bodies, no debris Rogue Waves What are Rogue Waves? Flight 19 What do you believe? The Bermuda Triangle is:
Non-existent according to US Navy
Not recgonized by US Board on Geographic Names
Not one incident has had an automatic alarm go off which indicates sinking or impact
None of the disappearences called for an SOS or Mayday either
First recorded encounter was Christopher Columbus who saw mysterious lights and compass malfunctions during this voyage December 1970 at 3:00 pm flying from Bahamas - Florida
Flys around sudden dark clouds
Clear opening turns into vortex
Swirling lines formed in clouds; zero gravity feeling
Miami control tower lose him due to electronic cloud (navigational) Bruce Gernon The Experience Comes out over Miami Traveled 100miles in 3 minutes = 1980mi/h Plane max speed is 200mi/h "Space Time Vortex" What wasn't right!? 0:00 - 1:16 By: Michelle Kent & Nimra Tahir Bimini Road
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