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Running Out of Time

No description

Grace Chard

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Running Out of Time

Did our author portray the events correctly?
Running Out of Time
By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Clothing Comparison
As you know the 1840s and the 1990s were very different in many ways and one of the ways were there clothing. In the 1840s the women wore big puffy dresses and the men wore linen pullover shirts with long sleeves. But people in the 1990s people wore loose clothing and both men and women wore jeans and a colorful t-shirt.
Things to Understand
Miles Clifton
Work Comparison
Our story revolves around two different time periods. The two time periods are the 1840's and the 1990's. As you may know these two different time periods are very different from each other, so throughout this presentation we will be comparing the two.
Miles Clifton is a character in our book who has created a town called Clifton. In Clifton it is 1840 and they are always doing things that people in the 1800's would do. The things they do are very different from what we do today. For example, they washed their clothes differently
Our book has a main character named Jessie who lives in Clifton, Indiana. She finds out that everyone in Clifton is getting sick with diphtheria. Her mother decides that Jessie should leave Clifton to find a cure, but little did she know the outside world was like a parallel universe compared to Clifton.
When you compare our two time periods, they are like polar opposites. In the 1840's, if they didn't go to school, then had to work at home. And also the teachers at the schools were very strict. While in the 1990's, they are all about having life compared to the 1840's.
1990-2000 The Electronic Age
Fashion the 80's & 90's
We think that our author did a very good job of portraying. Why we think our author did a good job is because she took details from actual events that have happened and used it in the book. One example of her portraying the events right is by telling details about their clothes from both the 1840's and 1990's. In the 1840's, they had long skirts, braids, and bonnets. And in the 1990's, they had bright clothes and big hair. Another thing our author portrayed correctly is their work. In the book, she talked about how Jessie's dad was a blacksmith and that was one of the jobs back then. And also in the 1990's she said that there were business men and that is correct.
The 1990s and the 1840s were very different periods of time. And the work was a big way to show they were different. In the 1840s it was all about farming and teaching. Most kids helped do work in the fields. But in the 1990s everyone was about money and fame so they wanted to be doctors and athletes. But if you didn't want to do those or if you couldn't achieve them then there were other jobs such as a pharmacist, chef, waitress, teacher, or something like that. As you can see the work between these two times were very different.

Created By: Grace Chard, Emma Monaghan,
Dominic Marsh, Jalen Brunson, and Jacob Taylor

Clifton, Indiana
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