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Star Wars , Mythology and archetypes by

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Wyatt navarro

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Star Wars , Mythology and archetypes by

Star Wars Presentation
By Kevin , Vik,& Wyatt
Revolutionary war
The stormtroopers are the
basic soldiers in the Empire's
army. Their names came from
Hitler's/ Nazi Party
private police officers.
Who he used to maintain order.
Even though they wear white, they have black under to show power and formality.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker is known to
be the next Jedi successor
like his father Anakin.
This is based on the mythology of King Arthur and his sword Excalibur. Both were known assuccessors of wielding a
weapon with great power. Both figures were known as heroes. Luke is the last Jedi.
The Rebels
The rebel alliance in star wars fight against the empire in order to restore the old Galactic republic.The rebel alliance similar to the rebel forces of the United States that fought against the British.They represent them not in a way of seeking independence but of fighting an army with greater weapons and technology and winning.
The Force
Obi wan kenobi, Qui-Gon jinn and Yoda are all representations of the character archetypes called mentors.They usually provide guidance and have a father figure role.These characters are similar to Jesus Christ in a mentor perspective.They cannot stay with you forever but their legacy will continue to live on through their disciples
The force is what gives a
Jedi his power. Obi-Wan first introduced the force Luke on his journey to become a Jedi. The Force in Star Wars is based on religion. Han Solo didn't believe in the force, meaning that he was an atheist. In the Star Wars film there was two sides, light and dark. This resembles Zoroastrianism.Which is an ancient semi-dualistic monotheist religion.

Anakin/Darth Vader
In the movie, we saw that the
infamous Anakin Skywalker turned
against his own due to his fear and
hate. Just like Lucifer against God. Lucifer was banished and went to war against God. Just like Anakin who becomes Darth Vader who joins evil against the Republic.
Palpatine/Darth sidious
In the Star Wars saga,there are various archetypes
In this Presentation we will examine the many different ways George Lucas made Star Wars the Phenomenon it was when it came out and that it is now!
Rebels VS. The Empire
Palpatine the power hungry emperor, deceives Anakin and makes him come to the sith side just like the snake from the garden of Eden that deceived eve and made her eat the fruit.He also displays the color archetype of red and black which represents , aggression violence ,death and destruction
The rebels are represented by characters such as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan, and Princess leia
The Empire, is represented by such characters as Darth Vader, and the many StormTroopers
The Rebels represent the American revolutionaries, that rebelled against Britain for their independence
As for the Empire represents the British Empire that imposed themselves on the american settlers
Han Solo
Han Solo is independent Smuggler which is clarified in his name solo- alone,independent
The Jedi are a group of elite knights that protect peace and justice .Jedi are very much similar to the samurai .They they follow a strict code and guideline and they also have great discipline and honor.The light saber is a weapon the Jedi use.It is a representation of the lighting bolt of Zeus
Han Represents a loner cowboy who is only concerned with themselves and is fixated on greed
Although he leads one to believe that he may not be trustworthy Han comes to care about Luke and helps him in his mission, and eventually joins the rebellion
Star Wars archetypes
Many different forms of archetypes can be found in George Lucas' saga Star Wars
Different forms of archetypes include; color archetypes, number archetypes, symbolic archetypes, and character archetypes
Various connections in Star Wars, from the Revolutionary War,Rebels and the Empire, Anikin/Vader, Mentors such as Obi-Wan,Qui Don, and Yoda, Luke, Han Solo, Jedi's, Light sabers, The Force, Palpatine and the garden of Eden all contributed to make saga of movies that impacted literature just as much as did Shakespeare
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