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This presentation is a brief history of Malawi and a some what short travel log of my imaginary trip to this historic country.

nya brown

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Malawi

Malawi, Africa The Nyika National Park was established 1965, making it the oldest and largest park in Malawi. This park,
stretching over 3000 sq km, is full of wildlife and plantlife that is available to tourists by car, bike, and foot.
The main attraction in this enormous park is the Nyika Plateau, but the rolling hills, wide valleys, pine forests,
and vast grasslands are quite a site to see. Zomba was the capital of Malawi in the mid 1970s and is still somewhat popular
amongst tourists and locals. The Zomba Plateau surrounds the busy city, giving
everyone a fantastic view of a great landform. Lilongwe is also a nice little town in the mists of
Malawi. Though it is a quiet community of not many,
the markets and cafes are known for their serenity. The Nhkata Bay is on the left hand shore of Lake Malawi.
This bay supposedly has a beautiful view of the sunset, and tourists are known for lounging by the water during the hot summer days. Lake Malawi Waterfall Brief History;
the british took control of Malawi around 1873. Zomba Plateau malawi food Hotel restaurants and many of those in the cities are of a good standard. They offer a wide choice of dishes including European, Korean and Chinese as well as authentic Malawi dishes and haute cuisine. Poultry and dairy produce are plentiful and tropical fruits are abundant in season Malawi is a country about the size of Pennsylvania. it is surrounded by Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania. Fruits are plentiful, including mangoes, melons, oranges, bananas, and pineapples. Vegetables are cultivated but are not popular. Religion . Fifty-five percent of the people belong to the Church of England English is the official language Chichewa multiparty democracy Likoma Island Lake Malawi National Park This park is historic to this country,
and is a very good tourist attraction
for the government. Some of the
fauna found in the park are baboons,
blue monkeys, spotted hyena, bush
pig, and almost 1,000 different kinds
of fish. Twenty percent of the population are Muslim, and 20 percent are Catholic. There is a small Hindu presence. there are also Methodists, Baptists and Seventh Day Adventists. tionana
or goodbye
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