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Who needs these greetings?

No description

Arinka Kosareva

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Who needs these greetings?

Who needs these greetings?
I hate
I`m scared of
I wonder by
When somebody doesn`t close the water tap while brushing his teeth
I just don`t know what to say about it, because it`s NORMAL not to be straight. There even are gay dragonflies!! Gays always were, gays always will be

Also when you do something important and painstaking like drawing, for example. Then suddenly someone tells you:
"Your painting is awfulЕруерТ"

And you like:

фТФтSo you brush it all and start again. But nothing works, cause NO ONE CAN TELL YOU WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU
David Lynch`s movies
about death
the only thing I`m scared of more than death is becoming insane. Шшеit`s terrifying to see the scary creatures in the dark
(when hooks pierces your skin and lift your body up)
It`s so frightened, so I won`t post here an image. огыjust hooks)
ФтвTalanted artists and tattoo masters
How "Lost" ended

That EVERYTHING around us is created by humans.

And our world started like The Alchemy game, There were only 4 штпingredients:
And that`s me with my best hairdo
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