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American Horror Story

No description

Shelby Galligher

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of American Horror Story

American Horror Story
A.H.S. was created and produced by Ryan Murphy (creator and director of "Glee") and Brad Falchuk
It is about to start its 3rd season on FX:

American Horror Story: Murder House
The first episode aired October 5, 2011 gaining 3.18 million views.
American Horror Story: Asylum
The first episode of the second season had 3.85 million views
The season takes place in the 1960's at an insane asylum named "Briarcliff" that is run by nuns.
American Horror Story: Coven
This season premiered October 5, 2013 with 5.54 million viewers
Recurring Characters
(poster for 3rd season)
P.S. Each season has a new story/plot line as well as setting and characters
Jessica Lange
Constance Langdon
Sister Jude
Fiona Goode
Sarah Paulson
Billie Dean Howard
Lana Winters
Cordelia Foxx
Evan Peters
Tate Langdon
Kit Walker
Kyle Spencer
Recurring Characters:
Violet Harmon
Zoe Benson
Taissa Farmiga
Lily Rabe
Nora Montgomery
The Angel of Death
Myrtle Snow
New/Famous Actors:
Adam Levine-
Guest star in the beginning of the second season
Kathy Bates-
Main character in the 3rd season
Emma Roberts-
Main character in the 3rd season
Angela Bassett-
Supporting character in the 3rd season
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