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Nervous System

How do the choices I make alter my life?

Natalie Martino

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Nervous System

How do the choices I make
alter my life? Health & Social Education Fact or Fiction? 1. The nerve cell is the simplest of all body cells.

2. An electrical impulse between nerve cell travels at the speed of light.

3. A nerve cell and a neuron are the same thing.

4. The nerve cell is the quickest to reproduce amongst all of your cell.

5. The brain is wrinkley to fit more surface area into the skull.

6. The average brain is 50% of water.

7. The brain can stay alive 10 minutes without oxygen.

8. More electrical impulses are fired in one day in a single brain than in all all of the
telephones in the world.

9. The brain feels alot of pain compared to other parts of the body.

10. One of the top reasons teens give for doing drugs is that they are stressed. Reaction Time Lab Who was the fastest?
Why are some people faster? The Nervous System "The Master System" Regulates body systems It influences how we react to Allows us to cope with challenges of life. stress. CNS & PNS Central Nervous System Peripheral Nervous System Somatic Autonomic Sympathetic Parasympathetic controls involuntary muscles voluntary movements (automatic) Fight or Flight
Times of Stress
Releases adrenaline Rest & Digest
Body is relaxed
Releases acetylcholine Nerve Cell Virtual Anatomy How they work 3-D Medical Model Receives
messages Holds Nucleus
a.k.a Soma Fatty substance
that protects nerve &
enables faster impulse Gap in Nodes of Ranier,
where action potential happens. An action potential is a spike in electrical activity Carries messages
AWAY from cell Hair-like
of axon Let's create a nerve cell and make a Nerve Forest! What a Brain... Anatomy Song Brain Form & Function Nerves connecting 2 hemispheres. Filled with CSF(cerebrospinal fluid)
to cushion & protect the brain. Regulates sleep, alertness, spatial sense. Part of brainstem; coordinate the ways the eyes focus and swivel in sockets as head turns to watch fast moving objects. "Little Brain," coordination of voluntary movement and balance. Contains midbrain, pons, and medulla.
Essential for L-I-F-E! Controls heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, swallowing, sneezing. Mainly a "bypass" for nerve signals. Major gland of whole hormonal system.
Controls many glands aroun body. Maintains body homeostasis; thirst, temperature,
hunger,sexual behavior, and sleep patterns Makes up 7/8th of the brain; in charge of thinking, ideas,
consciousness, ideas, feelings, and memory. The Adolescent Brain Clay Brain Time!
1.) Make a clay brain following the directions in you packet.
2.) Add 3 extra bain parts not shown on sheet.
3.) Label brain parts and make a key describing what each part does. + = COOLEST BRAIN MODEL EVER! Liquid that forms a pool that the brain "floats in" cushioning it from knocks and vibrations.
Also inside the brain in the small chambers called ventricles.
Oozes slowly through brain, removing unwanted wastes from the brain. CSF: Cerebrospinal Fluid Signals Around the Brain: Neurotransmitters Nerve cells do not touch one another.

Separated by synapses.

Nerve signals pass across the gaps by specialized chemicals called neurotransmitters. Cocaine in the Brain
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