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Heat Shields!

No description

Peter Barnes

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of Heat Shields!

What are they made of?
The rigid heat shield has, until recently, been made from solid steel, but is now often made from aluminum. Some high-end rigid heat shields are made out of aluminum sheet or other composites, with a ceramic thermal barrier coating to improve the heat insulation.
Some bad stuff...
Unfortunately, heat shields don't always go as planned. For example, sometimes they backfire and your space shuttle catches on fire. Then it would eventually blow up and YA.
What Are Heat Shields?
A heat shield can be often used as a support for a space-ship or space shuttle to keep out any heat waves. They protect the astronaut inside from DEATH!!! And if they die, it's just part of life. (Unless you're one of the Tucks)

Heat Shields!
By: THE Preziholics

How They Work
Heat shields are also used to cool engine mount vents. When a vehicle is at higher speed there is enough ram air to cool the under hood engine compartment, but when the vehicle is moving at lower speeds or climbing a gradient there is a need of insulating the engine heat to get transferred to other parts around it, e.g. Engine Mounts. With the help of proper thermal analysis and use of heat shields, the engine mount vents can be optimized for the best performances.
Bye Doods
We are so happy that you wasted about 3.25 minutes of your life listening to this prezi. For more information on our prezi group, go to com.preziholics.www. Be sure to smash your face into that like button and subscribe unless the prezi monster will come and eat you so JUST DO IT! Come on, press it. What are you waiting for? Okay now I'm getting tired of this.
Five hours later...
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