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They Poured Fire on us from the Sky

No description

Vanessa Moss

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of They Poured Fire on us from the Sky

They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky

Benson Deng
: Quiet, obedient, hopeful
Familial Piety

Sense of Home


Red Shorts
-Red: Strength, Power, basic symbol of the life principle
-Embodiment of power, wisdom, justice, and fatherhood
-'Universal potentiality' and 'fluidity of forms' (life, death, renewal, etc.)
-Measure of power in Dinkaland, symbol of mother earth

Sudanese Civil War
Lasted from 1983-2005

2 million died as a result

4 million people were displaced

forced Muslim law in the government

Author Information
by: Benson Deng, Alephonsion Deng, and Benjamin Ajak
Benson Deng
Alephonsion Deng
Benjamin Ajak
Main Characters

Benson Deng
Benjamin Ajak
Minor Characters
Alephonsion "Alepho" Deng
Familial Piety
Sense of Home
"When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled,"
-African Proverb
“But the day that began ugly soon turned joyful” (B. Deng 165).
"'Tomorrow you must return to Angong's house,' my mother told me. 'She needs help with your nephews. No one is safe here. They want to pour fire on us from the sky," (B. Deng, 49).
“When I left that place I was like a sleepwalker” (A. Deng 172).
"The name Lost Boys came to be when our village was attacked by fierce Arab horsemen. We, little boys, spewed out of the blazing village like a colony of ants disturbed in their nest... We little boys, were so messy, all chaos and cries filling the dark, fiercely lightless night" (A. Deng,
“I could no longer think much about my family except that I was alone and without them” (B. Deng 62).
“A person should know that if you lose something, you’re going to get something else, but never your life again” (B. Deng 258).
“Hunger makes you different. It changes you” (A. Deng 180).
"My dear Mama,
I'm going to leave you now!
I'm going to the school,
Never think of me again.
My loving Daddy,
I'm going to leave you now!
I'm going to where no one knows.
Never pray for me anymore" (B. Deng, 71-72).
Works Cited
“Okay, if you’re strong like that, let’s keep going” (Ajak 84).
"My favorite song was the one below. To sing it, the teacher stood in front of the children who were organized into groups representing continents or countries. The teacher began the song by asking the question. 'Who are you?' One group of children would answer, 'We are the Africans.'
'And you?'
'We are the Asians.'
'And you?'
'We are the Americans.'
'And you?'
'We are the Europeans.'
'And you?'
'We are the Arabians.'
'Forget those names. We are all the children of God'" (Ajak, 268-269).

“I’d always thought I was going to die”
(Ajak 275).
Alephonsion Deng
Spirited, trouble-making
Benjamin Ajak
Brave, loyal
2001- Arrived in San Diego
Judy A. Bernstein- Mentor
2005- Published
They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky
San Diego City College & Kaiser Permanente Hospital
Self employed writer and artist
Full time public speaker
"After wandering for so long, I finally had a home and family. The war that had flung us to the wind had set us back down together" (B. Deng, 169.
They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky
features a style of story telling. The characters, Benson, Alepho, and Benjamin all tell their story on their journey from leaving their home in Sudan, all the way up to arriving in America. Each chapter is a story from one of the
Lost Boys
. The set up becomes even more interesting once you factor in the fact that these are all non-fiction stories, coming together as a book of tales from 3 boys, trying to find a sense of home.
Similar Themes
Similar Style
Similar Symbols
A Thousand Splendid Suns

Diary of a Mad Man
Purple Hibiscus

A Thousand
Splendid Suns

The Guide

"As we learned a few things, we saw that in order to understand the world, we needed to be educated. We needed to know about the world around us" (A. Deng, 193).
Purple Hibiscus

The Guide

"Second Sudanese Civil War." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 05 July 2014. Web. 07 May 2014.

Deng, Alephonsion, Benson Deng, Benjamin Ajak, and Judy Bernstein. They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky: The True Story of Three Lost Boys from Sudan. New York: Public Affairs, 2005. Print.

Find peace in my heart.
That wasn't something I'd been searching for. Revenge had been there so long. It would have to move aside first and I wasn't willing to let go so easily or quickly" (A. Deng, 301).
Father and mother of Benson and Alepho
Judy A. Bernstein
"In a world where we witness war on television as impersonally as an action movie, personal accounts are necessary reminders that for someone,somewhere, war is all too real" (Bernstein 311).
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