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Edmund Rice Social Justice Centre- Eco Justice Project SJML

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Julia Lo Russo

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Edmund Rice Social Justice Centre- Eco Justice Project SJML

Religious/ Spritiual Background
Work They Do
The Edmund Rice Social Justice Centre aim to help people remember the three words; just, peacefully and sustainably which is the way that they see our environment and hope that everyone considers these three words. Their inspiration is derived from making a more susatinable world.

This is put into action when they introduce worm farms, a extensive recycling programme as well as encouraging fair and sustainable buisnesses. There many programmes including The Earth Charter, Afternoon Tea for the Future, Sydney Food Fairness Alliance, Ecological changes at the Christian Brothers' house in Canberra, Pacific Calling Partnership and the SFFA Food Summit.
Friday, October 10, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Aim and Mission
Edmund Rice Social Justice Centre
The Edmund Rice Social Justice Centre conducts and encourages research into the causes of poverty in society, especially with regard to youth and Indigenous Australians.They promote teaching that supports awareness, understanding and action in the areas of injustice and community issues.They wish to work together the help the world in which taking care of the needs of the poor as well as helping out Indigenous Australians.
Edmund Rice's mission for the Eco Justice Project began in 2005. He was inspired to make project of how they could make people aware of ecological concerns that are brought about in our everyday life. This program has had great achievements and success in raising awareness for a cause that is extremely important
Impact/Extent of their work
Make a Judgement on The Succes of This Organisation
God teaches us to go out and help others.The Lord requires us to do justice, and to love kindly and to walk humbly with our God.
We believe that the success of this organisation is quite high. To begin with, Edmund Rice Social Justice Centre has led to the awareness of many communities. The Earth Charter is a major success as it expresses the fundamental principles that build a just, peaceful and sustainable world for the 21st century. Other programs such as Afternoon Tea for the Future raise serious issues that effect our sustainable world. Our actions in response to their awareness leads to a sustainable world.
The Edmund Rice Social Justice Centre works to help people become aware of negative environmental impacts that occur in our World today. They have introduced worm farming, recycling and promoting sustainable trade. This all benefits the world in a sustainable way. The Edmund Rice Social Justice centre strives for a more sustainable globe in the 21st century.
The work of the Edmund Rice Justice Social Justice Centre has impacted our understanding of the environmental issues that occur in our world today. They have raised awareness for a sustainable world and environment. The extent of their work is has reached many communities and individuals.
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