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Sensory- emotional values

No description

hytham Aziz

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Sensory- emotional values

Sensory- emotional values that come from:

A Critical reflection of art, culture and nature.
What to target?
An example:
Esthetic dentistry is all about,

Dealing with esthetic problems based on the patients' expectations
Identifying esthetic opportunities and managing patients' expectations.
Micro esthetics !
Macro Esthetics
Molina, I., Volpato, C., & Baratieri, L. (2012). Micro and Macro Dental Esthetics: The Key to Smile Individualization. Quintessence Of Dental Technology (QDT), 35173.
Static vs. Functional
Inglese, S. (2012). Customized Treatment for Esthetic Success: A Case Report. Quintessence Of Dental Technology (QDT), 35209.
To conclude:
1-Esthetic subjective checklist:
Check point 1: DM=FM
Check point 2: DV=FV
Check point 3: DH=FH
Check point 4: Centrals biometrics and following FM, FV and FH.
Check point 5:
Incisal edge= contour lower lip
Check point 6:
Incisal edge forms convex pattern
Check point 7: Phonetics and speech evaluation
letter F and S.
Greenberg, J. R., & Bogert, M. C. (2010). A Dental Esthetic Checklist for Treatment Planning in Esthetic Dentistry. Compendium Of Continuing Education In Dentistry (15488578), 31(8), 630.


Truth good beauty
Man needs,

Education Conceptualization practice
2- The story behind !

Thank you.

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