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Going Back To Brazil

No description

Jason Gardner

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of Going Back To Brazil

Why would I go to Brasil?
I had the opportunity to do a service mission for my church and after coming home last January I had learned many different things about this wonderful place but I didn't get the chance to go and see any of the many different tourist attractions there.

and Iguazu Falls in Parana
Or the beautiful city Recife...
which is famous for..
Thanks for watching
Going Back To Brazil
By Jason Gardner
and see new places and wonders like the Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro.
A traditional dance know as Frevo. Usually done during Carnival Recife, the dance is used with small umbrellas that was created to excite the crowds.
I spent that time in the the interior of Brazil. I got to live in 5 different cities and 2 different states. I learned Portuguese and made new friends. The reason for returning to Brasil would be to...
Iguazu Falls is actually on the
border of Brazil and Argentina
There are about 275 individual falls
in the area.
It has also been a favorite back drop for
movies like, "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull"
see my old friends again...
The Cristo Redentor was built in 1931.
It is 38 meters (124 feet) tall.
It is on of the New Wonders of the World since 2007.
Recife is also know for being the Venice of South America thanks to the many different rivers that divide the city.
Brazil is a splendid mixture of cultures and it is filled with great people and places to see and that what I miss most about it. Sure they have their struggles just like any other country but I know that if I could go back and visit the people I have meet and the places I have seen, I would go in a heart beat.
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