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Fashion Timeline

No description

ainsley mcrae

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Fashion Timeline

Ainsley McRae 1900's 1910's 1920's 1930's - High neck

- Long sleeves

- High Waisted skirts

- Long skirts

- Big hats - Long skirts

- Skinny skirt

- Long sleeve

- Mini jackets - Short skirts

- Box dresses

- Lots of beading

- Short slick hair - Long skirts

- Long dresses

- Little wieght clothing

- Baggy clothes 1940's Fashion Timeline 1800-2000 - Bulky shoes

- Padded shoulders

- Tight fancy dresses

- Long skirts 1950's - Poddle skirt

- Leather

- High heels and purses

- Had the "Smart Look" 1960's - Bright colors

- Puffy skirts

- Long jackets

- Short dresses 1970's - All lengths of skirts

- Short shorts

- Bell bottoms

- Jumpsuits 1980's - Leg warmers

- Tutus

- Crazy prints

- Neon 1990's - Mini skirt

- Designer jeans

- Workout wear

- "Preppy Look" 1800 1810's 1820's 1830's 1840's 1850's 1860's 1870's 1880's 1890's
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