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Becky Pejinsky

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Beowulf

Family Tree Beowulf Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Halfdane was the heir to Beowulf Heorogar Horthgar Halga Halfdane had 3 sons and one daughter, Yrs, who marries Onela
and becomes the Queen of Sweeds was a great warroir who built
up his army and became leader
of the Danes. He built the Mead Hall called Heorot. Beowulf Mead Hall Shield Sheafson fathered a famous son, The Mead Hall, Heorot was "meant to be a wonder of the world, forever;" (70) "The hall towered, it gables wide and high wawiting a barbarous burning." (81) The moster was annoyed by, "The din of the loud banquent everyday in the hall." (84) The harp and the poets clear song told about the Almighty who created the wonderful Earth. This forshadows the doom of the Mead Hall The Fight With Grendel Grendel went to the Mead Hall. "The iron-braced door turned on its hinge when his hands touched it. Then his rage boiled over, he ripped open the mouth of the building, maddening for blood, pacing the length of patterned floor with his loathsome treafm while a baleful light flame more than lightm flared from his eyes." (720) He planned to rip them from life to limb and devour the sleeping men. Grendel made his first move and while Beowulfs warroirs worked to defend him. Beowulf ripped Grendel apart and both met their death. Beowulf died a hero while no one felt sympathy for Grendel's death. The Last Survivor The last survivor talkes about how the war ruined his people and how he is now left with no one. "And so he mourned as he moved about the world, deserted and alone, lamenting his unhappiness day and nightm until death's flood brimmed up his heart" (2267) Beowulf's Funeral A pyre was built for Beowwulf, "stacked and decked it until it stood four-squre, hung with helmets, heavy war sheilds and shining armour, just as he had ordered. " (3137) A woman sang out in greif abouther nation being invaded, enemies on the rampage, bodies in piles, slavery, and abasement. The jews and treasures were burried with Beowulf.
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