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Max Scheler's Hierarchy of Values

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Mikki Joy Castillo

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Max Scheler's Hierarchy of Values

Max Scheler's Hierarchy of Values
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Know first who Max Scheler is...
Teacher Education Department building
A' Priori
Hierarchy of Value Modalities
This is the basic features of Ressentiment

Max Ferdinand Scheler was a German Philosopher known for his work in phenomenology, ethics, and philosophical anthropology.
He was also known for his theory of values that we will discuss later
is a self -poisoning of the mind which has quite definite causes and consequences.
a lasting mental attitude, caused by the systematic repression of certain emotions and can affects the normal components of human nature
Value delusions and mental judgments
revenge, hatred, malice, envy, the impulse to detract, and spite
Max Scheler's A' Priori Hierarchy of Value Modalities
This is one of the features of Scheler's ressentiment that we have discussed earlier.
Values of Utility
"Utility cooperatives"
Social form of togetherness pertaining to a particular type of individuals
Utility cooperatives consists of craftsmen, engineers, technologists, unions, trade groups, etc. They're social form can be a school, society or an association.
The vital urge was also discussed where the members' feeling is directed to definable goals such as the satisfaction of work done; and being rewarded for that work. One feels a personal satisfaction in looking at work completed.
A craftsman finished his work the day before the deadline given. His customer became happy and gave him a good tip for his early work done. After that customer, he is ready again to work and became more motivated because of what happened.
Sensual Values
"Agreeable and disagreeable"
refers to the modes of feelings that happens to an individual.
As related to Scheler's analysis on Strata of emotive life, sensible feelings manifest in relative modes of joy and suffering.
Ronnie is very hungry. He do not have any money to buy any food. He saw a store full of breads that are freshly baked from the oven. Because he is hungry, he grabbed one bread and then run as fast as he could. He eats the bread and feels no more pain in his stomach.
Vital Values
"Noble and Vulgar"
As related to the emotive life, vital feeling states of the unitary lived-body which are experienced as a united field or whole.
this is manifest intentionally as fear and hope... a value of civilization
Tina has a cancer. She was hopeless because she knows that she can't survive. Her family have no money to use for her medications. In spite of this, she normally lives her life to the fullest.
Mental (Psychic) Values
"Right and Wrong"
Ego-quality values
It manifest intentionally as empathy, preferring, loving, hating, and willing
Acts of free-will, thought and positive social interactions
Ella is pretty, rich and other things that a girl would want. She lives bullying the ugly ones. She lives shopping with her friends. At the end of the day, Ella will go home. In an empty house without her parents, just only the maids.
Values of the Holy and Unholy
"Divine and 'Idols'"
Appear only on objects given intentionally as absolute objects
totally independent things and powers, person held to be holy at different times
Rosa is the wealthiest person in their town. She always go to church. Every sunday, she always enter the church everytime the priest is already preaching. When the butlers are passing a basket for donations, she gives an envelope with her large printed name.
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