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Mars One Mission

No description

Caden Berg

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Mars One Mission

Mars One will launch a demonstration mission and a communication satellite in May of 2018. The Demo. lander which will send information and pictures of the mars surface to the com. satellite then to Earth.
In 2020 they will send a intelligent rover and one trailer. The rover will be used to find a specific area for the landers. The trailer will be used to transport the landers to the specific area.
In July of 2022 Mars One will send two of each to the red planet, a life support system, a supply unit, and living unit for the astronauts.
In 2023 all the landers will land on Mars. The rover will be used as a beacon and will land about 6 miles away. Then the rover will use the trailer to transport the landers to the specific land area. The the rovers will set up the living units and life supports for the astronauts.
Mars One Mission
By: 4 Horsemen

In 2011 Mars one was founded by Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders.
In 2013 they started selecting Astronauts
In 2015 Crews will start training Several months a year until the first departure to the red planet
In April of 2024 the departure of crew one is commenced. They will spend 210 days in the lander until they get to Mars. Cargo for the second crew is launched in the same month.
Crew one has landed on Mars and will be waiting to be picked up by the rover in the lander module.
Crew two has launched. they will have a longer trajectory of 240 days. Crew two will also be carrying cargo for the third crew. Crew two will land on mars in 2027.
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