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Resume: Entry Level Engineering

How to do an effective business resume in the traditional style

Rachel Holmberg

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Resume: Entry Level Engineering

Summarizes your skills and qualifications
Presents your personal education and work history so that your qualifications may be verified
Proves that you can present information in a clear and organized fashion
Purpose of the Resume
Resume Writing: Engineering
Internship or Entry level resumes should be only one page
Each section and each entry needs to be clear and easy to find–use CAPS, bold, and lines
Use a font that is easy to read
Font size should never be lower than 8, 10 is better
General Guidelines & Formatting
Relevant Experience
Other Experience
Honors and/or
The Heading should include:
Phone Number
Remember that your name should stand out the most from the page– 20 pt font or more
Your email should not be something unprofessional
Identify what job you are looking for
To highlight your best skills
To point out your accomplishments
To persuade the reader to give you an interview
While you may include high school, most employers will not be interested
You should include: degree, major, name of university, date of graduation, city and state
Include grade point-- usually required by company
Name several of your classes if they reflect skills needed for the job
Discuss major projects that you have worked on
Dean’s List
Other Academic Awards
Student Organizations
Student Government
Volunteer work
Activities and Interests
Proofread your resume
Have other people proofread your resume
One page only (if you are entry-level)
Look at the page as a whole to see if the layout seems balanced and organized
No graphics, usually no color
The reference line is optional
Only provide references upon request– have a separate page ready with contact info
The Checklist
Split into two sections to highlight engineering
List in reverse chronological order (present to past)
Name and address of employer
Title of job
Beginning and end dates (month and year)
Focus on skills and abilities that were most important
Describe briefly and clearly
Use action verbs
Don’t embellish achievements
Thanks for Listening
Dr. Rachel Holmberg
Career Services Counselor
Resume Sections
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