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Force Fitness

No description

Nathan Leshley

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Force Fitness

Force Fitness
CrossFit Facility Background Strategy Logistics Finances What is Crossfit? Benefits of Crossfit? Why Crossfit? Crossfit is a fitness philosophy that focuses on both strength and conditioning. It utilizes many of the training styles found in military and martial arts training. Basically, it is strength training that is performed at high aerobic intensity. Crossfit = Circuit Training
(for you athletes) Example Workout:
30 Handstand push-ups
40 Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 poods
60 Sit-ups
70 Burpees Increased strength-endurance Type 3 Muscle Fibers Combination of Type 1 and Type 2 Type 1 = slow twitch
Narrow Fiber width
High mitochondrial density for Endurance Type 2 = fast twitch
Wide Fiber width
High glycolyptic density for Explosivity
Term "long-strength" coined by Dr. Len Schwartz Type 3 = hybrids
Wide Fiber width
Endurance and Explosivity Build Muscle, Burn Fat Simultaneously

Lean, athletic physique Fast Results Increased overall health Lower blood pressure

Reduce cholesterol

Improve flexibility

Help balance, coordination Basic Strategy Demographic Analysis Location Competition Facility Layout Marketing Staffing Startup Cost Operating Cost Break-even Analysis High School Athletes Gym Failures Crossfit Enthusiasts BodyLink Military Gyms Facility dedicated to CrossFit modes of training Cheaper Rates No-frills approach Silverdale Close Proximity to 3 high schools Near population center of Kitsap County Kitsap County:
pop. 240,000 Year-round training Highly competitive Disposable income Intense Core Market Willing to invest in health Desiring results Attracted by "Speedy Results" Display quick gains Other sources of income 15-18 20-35 30-50 Often married Often single Career-minded Klahowya Olympic Central Kitsap More oriented toward physical therapy Expensive because of customized approach very high-tech Kitsap Family YMCA Bremerton Tennis and Athletic Club $30 a month or $300 a year Kitsap County Crossfit access limited to service-men traditional fitness approach Continuously replenished demographic Buzz Marketing Advertising in other businesses Desert Tanning Sporting Goods Emerald City Word of Mouth Sidewalk Chalk Organized Events 5K's Whaling Days booth Local Newspaper articles Avoid tv or magazine spots expensive don't reach some of the target markets demos at schools 1966 sq. ft Open space in middle of room Lifting apparatuses around the perimeter Minimum wage employees 74 hours of business a week Will hire 3 part-time workers Trainers I'm one Have certified friends Ample parking lifting platforms bench press benches squat racks dumbbell and kettlebell racks Emerald City Smoothie Start-up costs primarily for training equipment Kettlebells 857.87
Olympic Bars 714.00
Weight Plates 1817.00
Plate Tracks 390.00
Olympic Equipment 2985.00
Bench Presses 1239.98
Squat Racks 714.00
Sled/Rope 209.33
Plyo Boxes 799.95
Dumbbell Sets 999.00

Total 10726.13 Annual Salaries 40,014
Annual Rent 27,524
Utilities 5,000

Total 72,538 Rates
Single Workout 5.00
Monthly Membership 30.00
Yearly Membership 300.00 Let's assume that:
50% of customers buy yearly memberships
45% of customers buy monthly memberships (9 months of the year on avg.)
5% of customers buy single workouts (4 workouts a month on avg.) 15000 12150 100 27250 72538 + 10726.13
=83264.13 83264.13/27250
= 3.06 306 new customers =
153 yearly memberships
1242 monthly memberships
60 single workouts Olympic CrossFit Questions?
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