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The History of The Cannoli

No description

Grace Abraham

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of The History of The Cannoli

The History of The Cannoli
Where the Cannoli Originated
The cannoli originated in Palermo, Sicily in the 1000 AD. Around when Sicily was controlled by the Arabs.
What The Cannoli Was Made For
The cannoli is said to be used as a fertility symbol of Carnevale, the festival season that happens immediately before Lent. During the festival there's parades and masquerades simuliar to Mardi Gras.
Fun Facts!

singular form of cannoli is cannolo and the term cannoli means little tube!
The Traditional Cannoli Filling
The traditional cannoli filling is made with ricotta cheese or mascarpone. The ricotta cheese can be mixed with a combination of vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, Marsala wine, rosewater and orange. Then not a lot of sugar is added.
The American Cannoli
American cannoli are made with a lot of the same ingredients but some where changed because the ingredients where not avalible in America. Like when Sicilans first arrived in America riccotta cheese and mascarpone were not common. Instead they used a sugar- milk- cornstarch custard.
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