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DAZL AZ background

No description

Aimee Fifarek

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of DAZL AZ background

The Digital AriZona Library DAZL What is DAZL? Arizona's very own eBook & eContent platform. We design it, we decide what goes in it, everyone in Arizona gets to use it. DAZL
GOALS The objectives of DAZL are to:

Provide Arizonans with easy access to digital materials
Provide Arizona's content providers with easy access to a distribution platform for their materials What this means for Libraries More eContent
Patron-friendly interface
Library-friendly lending terms
Cost control
More local content Wider audience
Free Publicity
Great stats
No brick and mortar markup
Flexibility in rights retention What this means for Content Creators Why Do DAZL? Freedom of information
Access to Content
Every book its reader
If not us, who? Andromeda Yelton "Ebooks Choices and the Soul of Librarianship http"//www.thedigitalshift.com/2012/07/ebooks/ebooks-choices-and-the-soul-of-librarianship/ Current Projects Douglas County, CO
Anythink, CO
Iowa City Public Library Music Project, IA Questions eBooks only, or music and movies?
Commercial, self-published, a combination? If commercial, own or lease?
DRM or not?
One use per copy or simultaneous uses?
Tied to library cards, zip codes, or something new?
Go it alone or join up with another project? Timeline Currently fact-finding
Review of existing ebook platform projects (Sept)
Focus groups with library staff and customers (October)
Plan developed (January)
Beta platform ready to test (Sept 2013) DAZL Working Group Aimee Fifarek, Dana Braccia, Scottsdale
Andrew Chanse, Maricopa County
Bonny Bruce, Jennifer Caldwell, Richard DiRusso, Jen Maney, Pima County
Janet Fisher, Holly Henley, Bill Maaske, Laura Stone, Mary Villegas, AZ State Library
Corey Christians, Yavapai County
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