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No description

Sjuul Stultjens

on 1 November 2010

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Transcript of PowNed

What is PowNed? Why I chose PowNed Mission statement/vision - Innovative - Independent - Network generation Mission statement: PowNed wants to be an innovative, independent
broadcast for opinionated people with their own
view on life. Vision: To make programs which are informative, up-to-date and dispersing at the same time, with an emphasis on news, opinion, satire and entertainment. Raw Provocative Intelligent Un-censored Transverse Core Competencies Force field analysis Customers: Listeners, network generation, young people, online community Suppliers: Geenstijl, internet, media, blogs, ANP, Spits Competition: Other broadcasts, Wakker Nederland, Omroep Max, BNN. Capital provider: Government Employees: Reporters, crew, editorial office, station coordinator Government agencies: Government, state Media: Internet, television, newspapers, radio Actors/Factors Economical: Government support, membership,
recession Political: Government, minister Plassterk,
censorship Demographic: Hilversum, Holland, digital receivement Environment: Electricity Technological: Press, internet, technological
developments, mobile internet Public / targetgroup - Network generation - Male (77%) - Age 18-40 (65%) - Above average education (58% HBO/WO) - High mediaconsumption - Average age = 29 - 'Nerd' - High interest in politics (70%) Identity Current identity -> Who am I? - Can't be placed in a box - Doesn't know fear - Is willing to provoke - Has an open outlook on current events PowNed: Current reputation -> What is the publics opinion about me? Some opinions
about PowNed: "I hope for us all, it won't happen." "Next." "Bullshit TV...everything for the money." "I don't want to watch this crap on TV." Desirable identity -> How do I want to be? Competencies: Raw Provocative Intelligent Transverse Un-censored Values: We are open and honest We always look outside We'll do it together We'll use a community based procedure Motive The public broadcasting system is under heavy fire. In
2015 there have to be nine less broadcasts then there are
now. Minister Plassterk (PvdA) supports the plans to try and
save several broadcasts by using fusions. PowNed is one
of the broadcasts who has to fear for elimination. Main question How can PowNed communicate its desired identity and maintain itself in the public broadcasting system, which
has to eliminate 9 broadcasts before the year 2015? ? Crossmedial concept: Get PowNed: - Online concept - "The search for PowNed's newest face" - Representing the desired identity Crossmedial techniques + - Own blog on Geenstijl - Upload your own content - Youtube - Blog posts - Lifestory - Campaign + Storytelling SMS + Internet - People can vote via sms and online - Core values of PowNed - 10 competitors - Explicit storytelling + Television + Radio - Heavy promotion Eventually: - News flashes Imagecampaign Online "race for fame" Get PowNed! - Image campaign - Storyline - Human factor - Everyday life Body of thought Core values + mission statement PowNed Crossmedial image campaign - Change of media usage Trends in our current media environment: - Network generation and individualisation - Change of public broadcasting - Globalisation which leads to idealistic thinking Image research: - 20 people - 2 simple questions: "Are you familiar with the dutch weblog Geenstijl?" "Did you know Geenstijl is producing their own broadcast called PowNed?" "Are you familiar with the Dutch weblog Geenstijl?" 14/20 respondents answered: Yes Conclusion: 70% is already familiar with Geenstijl Question 1: Question 2: "Did you know Geenstijl is producing their own broadcast called PowNed?" 17/20 respondents answered: No Conclusion: 85% doesn't know that Geenstijl is working on PowNed Conclusion: Geenstijl is already known amongst people PowNed has yet to make it's name amongst people My advice: Look back at the core values and mission statement of PowNed to decide in which direction to go. Use Geenstijl in your promotion, it's better known by the publicgroup these days then PowNed.
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