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Adam Block Design Campus Coordinator Application

No description

Maia Gadsden

on 24 July 2016

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Transcript of Adam Block Design Campus Coordinator Application

About Me
Hi! I'm Maia Gadsden, a rising junior Marketing major at Case Western Reserve University and sister of Alpha Phi! I am the 2016 Director of Public Relations and Advertising for my organization as well at the 2016-17 Co-Design Captain for CWRU's Dance Marathon chapter, Spartanthon!
What is your understanding of the position, in terms of the overall goal and general tasks you'd be doing?
As a Campus Coordinator, I'd be actively initiating and handling apparel/product orders from Greek chapters on campus, taking each customer step-by-step through the process as I communicate their ideas to the design team, with an overall goal of making sure their orders are perfect! While doing this, I'd help build ABD's client list on our campus and hopefully increase the amount of repeat orders and happy customers we receive!
What would excite you about being a CC?
The most exciting thing would be to complete an amazing order and then finally see the designs around campus!
What motivates you to succeed?
Second chances. My third year at Case will be a clean slate for me after switching my major from Biomedical Engineering to Marketing. I know second chances don't come easily and I wasn't even sure that I'd be coming back, but now I have the opportunity to learn about and do something that I love, enjoy and good at, with the potential to be great. I finally get to put my all into a subject and future career that I know will be worth the late nights and long hours and I'm excited to put myself out there and get as much experience as possible.
List three things you would do in the first month as a CC to enhance ABD's presence on your campus?
Enhancing ABD's presence in my first month would all about early outreach! Fall is the largest recruitment period for fraternities and having so many on campus would be a great opportunity to reach out and secure fall rush t-shirt orders. Next, a great deal of the sororities and fraternities hold their largest - and sometimes only - philanthropy events in the fall, so reaching out in advance to their merchandise and philathropy chairs about apparel for their events to secure orders would be another priority of mine. Lastly, being the Director of PR and Advertising gives me the opportunity to feature the ABD merchandise my chapter has purchased on our social media pages and increase interest in the great designs we've gotten!
How many Greek groups are on your campus, and what is their average size?
Despite our small size, Case has 27 Greek chapters on campus with over a third of students in a chapter! We have 9 sororities, with an average size of 87 in the fall and 109 in spring, and 18 fraternities with a rough average of 30-40 members per chapter.
Adam Block Design
Campus Coordinator Application
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