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Types of Selling &

No description

Mallory Cromer

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Types of Selling &

Types of Selling &
Visual Merchandising

Three Buying Motives
Three Basic Types of Selling
Conscious logical reasons for a purchase
Save Money
Product Dependability
Good Customer Service
Feelings experienced by a customer through association with a product.
Social Approval
Reasons for remaining a loyal customer of a company
Trust & Confidence
Made in America
Visual Merchandising
Important part of selling
The eyes buy
Use to sell concessions and souvenirs

How To Use Visual Merchandising
Physically present product
Souvenirs to hold and try on
Sample of food
Sales Displays
Promotional Displays

Buying Motives
Reasons a customer buys a product!
Types of Selling
Merchandising: Coordination of sales and promotional plans with buying and pricing
Ex. Fast Food giveaway small toys to a current movie

Feature Benefit Selling: Matching characteristics of a product to a customers needs and wants
Ex. Buying insurance for emotional and financial security

Customer Benefits: Advantages or personal satisfaction a customer will get from a good/service
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